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Crazy Life, especially while shopping

Yesterday I slept in. Until 5pm. Yes, that's right, instead of having a fun and packed Saturday where I went to meet people, I slept ALL DAY. Oh well.

In the evening I spent some time organizing a songbook for the church caroling night, and then I went out with Chantal to the West Side riverbank, where we got to watch two trains going over the train bridge, one of which was a ViaRail passenger train. After we stopped there for a bit, we conceded to Dave's desire for company and went over to his house, where we watched Daddy Daycare II, which was actually rather funny, and then went down by the river. It was a beautiful night with a glowing sky and I pined for my good camera. After I dropped Chantal off at home at around 4:30, I was still high on coffee, so I snow shoveled the front and back walks and then tried to sleep. I didn't have a very good sleep, I wasn't in a very good mood for some reason. I'm fine today though. Or I was.

Mom and I went shopping to get gingerbread stuff. That didn't happen. I went to Dollarama to grab lanterns for caroling... Well, I lost my bank card, but we ended up buying the lantern anyway. Then we went to Safeway, but I was feeling woozy... So I ended up reading some of A Christmas Carol.

Hopefully tonight is better...

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