newsong (newsong) wrote,

I'm trying! Really!

Wahhhhhhh. My brain is racing. I'm in hyperdrive about the wedding and I should be studying for an English exam tomorrow! I tried to get it out of my system but it's just not working. Ended up leading Bible Study tonight on Romans 4 and 5. It was interesting.

20 minute deadline on going to bed. I gotta sleep, my parents are taking me to Festival of Trees in the morning. I'm feeling Christmas coming on! But first: two quotes from Prof. Kelly, who has a suave British accent and is brilliant:

"English Pubs were civilized places. Nothing like those dens of iniquity that you people are found in on Saturday nights..."

After stating that the Muppet Christmas Carol has the second best performance of Scrooge he's ever seen: 

"Maybe you don't like the Muppets... Of course, anyone who doesn't like the Muppets is practically inhuman."

I love his class dearly and I'm so glad it's a year-long one.

Also, I gotta share this for geeks everywhere: 


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