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Quit Playing Games... NEVER!

So, relevant events of the day:

There was a breakfast with my Aunt and Grandma. I took my flash back to Don's Photo with a few reservations and they convinced me that it was amazing. There was a church games day, where I shot some hoops, played a game that had elements of Settlers, Risk, and Stock Ticker... Can't remember the name though. After the games evening wrapped up, a bunch of the C&C went to Montana's. Chantal got a phonecall from Kaylee that she was sick, and we took off to get her some ginger ale and apple juice as well as some cold meds. That errand completed, we got back to Montana's just as the food was finished arriving, and I asked for guacamole to go with my burger and fries... And finally, four of us went to the church and did some kareoke Christmas and worship songs.

All in all, a good day, wherein I got all of 2 minutes of actual homework done - I collected three pennies and a good photograph of three people with fill flash... Okay, 5 minutes. I just compiled a folder of images for my in-class presentation. Ah, well.