newsong (newsong) wrote,

Decisions, Decisions

Today I slept in. And then decided not to even bother showing up for the lab time for my photo class. Pretty sure I didn't miss anything important, though I might have missed something fun.

I then went for coffee with my old friend Leah, who is one of the few people I have known since single digits. She remarked today that we've never tried to be friends, it's just that we've run into each other over and over and over for so long we don't remember not being aware of the other person. Today after having a really fantastic conversation, we've decided to actually try and be friends now. Leah's great, so I consider this an excellent addition to my growing repetoire of new music - by which I mean, I've made so many new friends lately... And I dearly love all of them.

After this I grabbed some food and went to the congregational meeting at my church. We decided that we're staying with an evening service and we need to start telling more people about the church and growing it that way. I had an idea, we'll see how it goes.

Then I went to Printmaking.

Also, I might be doing a well-paid wedding in mere weeks. I'm halfway between dread and excited expectation.
Tags: #life, church

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