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Nose to the Grindstone

It's all the same with all the kids
No one knows what vinyl is
Cause they just burn the mp3's
Onto their stacks of blank CD's
And during all that arsony
Their records stay right in their sleeves

Wow, I got an impossible amount of work done today. I got up this morning and sorted some wash and threw some in with a request to my Grandma to hang it to dry. She made me a lovely omelette for breakfast and I took off for the day. I erranded a little first.

There's probably only a few places in the world where one has to stop for a tumbleweed while running morning errands. I also had to dodge a giant piece of roadkill, probably jackrabbit or coyote. In city limits. Good times.

Anyway, I picked up acrylic solvent and stopped at Intermission on Central for Earl Grey tea and to do nothing for ten minutes because I knew it might be my last chance. I won't tell you the details about sculpture, but I worked for about four hours on it. My photo class was lab time today and since I'd requested to work outside of class I decided to switch my lab time and do a nearly full day of photography on Wednesday instead of doing it today. It's better for me to devote a big block of time anyway and I will (and have to) spend much more than the class time on Wednesday so I really feel no guilt. I picked up a phone call offering me a job for three days over the weekend. I'm really excited about this because it more than makes up the money I lost for the month and it makes it up in one fell swoop at a time when I might survive the loss of my weekend for worktime. (Thanks, God.) I then erranded a little again, I needed a few nuts. The metal kind, not the edible kind. So I went to Rona to pick those up and found a nifty lock while I was at it. I went back and worked on my sculpture for another hour or so, called my Mom and told her I'd pick her up. We stopped for groceries - I was really crabby because I hadn't eaten since 11:00am and it was 5:00 already and I'm pretty sure my blood sugar was dangerously low. I grabbed my Printmaking markers and overhead projector sheets so I could work at them at home. I also took my plexi home and asked if my Aunt would help me out and be my lackey for a few hours. As a result all my really tedious and time consuming work on the plexi maquette I'm working on is magically done and I am beyond appreciative. I swear I spend more time picking off the stupid backing than doing everything else on fabrication.

I think there ought to be some sort of theory that child-proof, protective, and safety mechanisms are basically the most annoying and impossible things to work with and they rarely achieve their actual purpose and instead frustrate the daylights out of whichever unfortunate soul ends up dealing with the dismantling aspect of them. Acrylite sheeting protective covering falls neatly into this rule. As well as heavy-duty locks and certain types of "child-proof" medicine containers that apparently function according to the same principles. Rant over.

Anyway, while my Aunt dutifully helped me out with the tedious process of removing the protective covering, I finally sorted out a system for my clothes, re-sorted my summer and winter stuff and took some clothes out of commission, washed four loads of my laundry, plotted out three ideas for stands for pieces in my show, and one-side inked the mylar for three layers of my Printmaking process. As of right now, I'm only slightly behind. Also, after finding out that a black and badly-placed stain won't come out of one of my shirts, I took my Aunt's shiny black shirt spray to it at midnight outside with a flashlight and somehow I made it even more flamboyant than the extremely bright pink it had been. I love it even more than I used to.

The other great thing about all this work is that I've been listening to music for the majority of my day for two days now and tomorrow isn't looking a whole lot different. I'm digging the new Relient K album like whoah, and I've listened through a large percentage of my music collection in the last two days.

And I will live for all my days
To raise a banner of truth and light
Gonna sing about my Saviour's love
And the best thing that happened
It was the day I met You

I am totally in awe of how much work I got done today. Like, really. I was so productive, and I got so close to being up to speed! I'm pleased. And exhausted. Of course tomorrow I'll get more homework and I'll be back, but while I'm sleeping I'll only be behind in two classes instead of four. *sigh* Yikes.

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