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And I said beam me up Scotty
And can I get a cup of coffee
And the internet, it still doesn't work

This Saturday was a long day. It started by me taking a sleep-in day, badly needed lately. Then it continued with another great Saskatchewan Bloggers meet-up. My friend Jadon, my prior blog meetup aquaintances TanyaSaskboy, and Huffb1, then Zach Bell and Lore_Weaver all came out. We had a great meeting. (L side:Huffb1, Zach, Tanya, R side from back: me, Jadon, Lore_Weaver, and Saskboy.)

Tanya and I had a great conversation about some of the pitfalls of the educational system and I promised to eventually blog more about my homeschooling experience, particularly within the insular world of homeschooling conferences. Zach asked if I'd lately written about puppies or politics. Not so! There's actual blog content at this blog, beside all the personal stuff. I think the election may have got a couple of one-liners at best and I barely ever talk about my dog, no matter how much of a sweetie he is. =P Zach and I also had a brief discussion over health care reform in which I certainly agreed with some of his free market ideology, though implementing a free market into a capitalist system would create a lot of pitfalls. Idealism is rarely implementable, unfortunately -  in concept libertarianism is great, I just think it's impossible because there's not enough idealists with a pragmatic view to put things in motion. I can live in the world of ideas all I want, but getting them into the real world takes a whole lot of work, and a lot of it is teamwork.

Cause if I don’t know then I don’t know
But I may know someone that knows me more than I
And if I somehow could rest this soul
Maybe control could find its way back to my life

I had to leave this fascinating bunch early because of a certain work-related Prince Albert at-fault accident. I went to a mandatory SGI meeting. To my great appreciation since I was just barely on time I got a parking spot in the SGI lot. There was a trucker there who was pretty frustrated about his experience with SGI and with uncaring drivers. I told him afterwards that I'd be telling people about some of his comments on drivers. Basically he says people need to treat semi-drivers with a lot more respect because their lives depend on it. This means not cutting in front of semis, not leaving them next to no room in a traffic jam, not giving them the benefit of the doubt for speeding up slowly... The moral of the story: Be nice to truck drivers, drivers of the world. It could mean your life, because let's face it, they're bigger than you.

I learned a lot of rules I hadn't known, like where U-turns actually ARE legal in Saskatchewan. Anywhere without a "No U-turns" sign that isn't a set of traffic lights because that's apparently always illegal. I guess my only comment about the format of this workshop thing is that I'd rather they spent more time discussing safe driving and what the rules actually are than telling us how their new points system works and trying to make themselves look good. Other than that I suppose it was a beneficial session. I think the new SGI system is an improvement, not perfect yet, but an improvement nonetheless.

From the SGI thing I went straight to a Worship Leader's meeting at church. Since I assume most of you have been to meetings before I can skip the details and just say that a lot of relevant ideas got discussed and I felt that my input was valuable, which always makes meetings a lot more bearable. I then took off for a quick stop at Subway and then a brief moment of seeing my friend Roberta whom I have not spent nearly enough time with for the last six months.

Sacred geometry
Where movement is poetry...

After a very brief visit with Roberta I caught the second half of an evening worship service at Redeemer Lutheran, and I appreciated having the chance to worship somewhere without any responsibility. I changed and took off to the ballroom dance. The dance was pretty good - definitely not the best one I've had though! There weren't as many people as usual and not very many experienced guys to go around. I did get to dance with a lot of talented leads.

To top it all off, an embarrassing story! I was wearing a strapless designer dress with a fantastic flare skirt that I bought in Israel, and while dancing a particularly lively Jive with my instructor my dress came down and I flashed him my bra. He laughed pretty hard and I was to my credit not all that freaked out. I'm pretty pragmatic - it's not as if anybody saw anything. But still, it sounds great as a story and most people would have been a lot more mortified than I was I think. After the dance Garrett and I went for coffee briefly.

Finally on this topic: Thanks again, Jadon, for rescuing me and enabling my attendance. =)

So I arrive
At the conclusion
Love isn't made
Love doesn't sell or pay
But we buy and sell
Our love away

Earlier today I helped out by being an extra member of Crystal's worship team to fill it out with djembe playing and harmony vocals. It was a lot of fun, especially a few more interesting drum beats, I'm getting a lot better at playing my percussive instrument of choice. After church I had a good conversation with Stuart Kasdorf about my plans for the future and he's given me a lot of very good advice. (More on that in a minute.) Also tonight I stopped off at the sculpture studio to do file down the edges of the plexiglass piece I'm working on... and find out I need more acrylic solvent because the stuff I have is apparently no longer active. I also found out I have about 100 keys and I sorted them out by how appealing I found them. Still accepting keys for this project, by the way. I need quite a few more now that I'm dividing the piece.

Oh and I guess we made it
Or at least made it this far
And it all looks smooth from here
Oh and in a future day there may be waves

But I must say the skies
Have never looked so clear

So since I'm finally sitting here with a moment I'm creating of something less than overdrive, here's the scoop on the future. Lose more weight. I'm sticking around 280, which is good, because that's how far down I got a year ago and I've gained some since September, but I think it's a platform weight and it should be fairly easy to lose the next 40k or so over the next year or year and a half. I want to do this heathily.

Now I am probably planning to work as a secretary (high demand job in Saskatchewan just now) when I get out of school and do graphics, photography, and comissioned artwork on the side. That way I can pay for Student Loans, make some money, maybe live at home for awhile until I've paid off some debt.

Speaking of money... I am dismayed at my dwindling funds. I started off this school year with an almost $2000 surplus, and now with my car and art supplies and the stupid gas prices and the fact that my job got cut out... I'm soon going to be in desperate need of funds again. I'd better get working on some of the independent stuff I'm working at.

I sailed through the high winds and waves
I wondered if I could be saved
But I have emerged unscathed
Because I know you

I wish I could say that life's going to start getting less busy from here. This simply isn't the case. However, my birthday is coming up soon. I really wish I had time to post on some of the thoughts that are buzzing around in my head. I desperately want to label a post "discourses" again, but my time is short. Soon enough things should even out a little. I hope. I have about three posts in my head that are themed. Some time soon I should have a moment for the outpouring. Also, the post about the printmaking process...

Tonight I sit here enjoying Relient K's new album and many more on my Klipsch iPod speakers. I am music-full. It's a good feeling.

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