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Lest I Forget

I'm gonna live my life like every day's my last day alive
It's too late to start regretting when tomorrow comes

One of the problems with being so busy is that so many things happen that I don't get a chance to detail.

I had the pleasure of leading worship this week, which was good. After church a bunch of us C&C folk went to Isaac's place for pizza and fun times, like a fast slapping card game. We went down to the riverbank and launched rocks out of a potato gun and listened for them to hit the water. We play-fought and laughed at each other and watched Night At The Museum. It was relaxing compared to the normal craziness of my life. While we were eating pizza there was a long silence and one of the girls said, "Look, I'm a ninja!" and then fake kicked my friend Kaylee. It was one of those moments that are so bizarre everyone starts laughing and can't stop. Good times.

My car has developed a squeal and I called for an appointment for Wednesday night to get it fixed. Thinking of my car makes me think of participating in four games of bumper cars in a row at GalaxyLand- the fourth one ran after the guy got off work, he ran it just for the three of us so we could go at the same time because of how the numbers had worked out. And thinking of the West Ed reminded me of one well hidden but seriously awesome game where a round, 4-seated car with laser guns revolved around a track filled with funny looking alien things with little red and green lights that you were supposed to shoot. I loved it - it was cheesy and sci-fi and totally stupid and I would have gone through three times if we'd had the time. I didn't mention it because I didn't have the time.

I also forgot to say I have a really cool reciept where the girl at Michael's accidentally typed in that I'd given her 4042 dollars... And that I got back 4020.62 in change. It didn't make any difference to the till or anything, but it was funny.

Time is messing with me these days. It's taking forever when I need the clock to move faster, it's speeding up when I slam on the brakes. I need more of it, or at least, less need for rest and rejuvenation.

My long weekend blew by and some of the work I really needed to do is still not done, but a good portion of my work is done and so I will mostly just rest. English isn't too bad, but I need to sit down and just listen to David Copperfield. I think tomorrow night between class and dance I'll get done the rest of the stuff I wanted to do this weekend... And then maybe I'll be almost caught up. Maybe.

The last vestiges of fall are falling, and I am thankful on Thanksgiving. But also tired and more than a little frustrated with myself. I need to rest, but if I rest this week it will show later. Hopefully I can balance everything out until I feel more satisfied.

I am thankful for my family and friends and the weight I've lost. I'm thankful for the motor in my car, the chance to learn Ballroom, a good church and amazing profs at school. I'm thankful for silence and the sound of the wind and the music in my iPod. I'm thankful for emotion and art and getting to live here and now with all the opportunities I have. I'm thankful for great works of literature and art.

And all the work I did get done on Thanksgiving Weekend.

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