mountains of books


I am so weak and I'm so tired
Its hard for me to find enough strength to feed the fires
That fuel my ego
And consequently all my pride has all but died
Which leaves me
Down on my knees
Back to the place I
Should have started from

Here I am again in about the same shape as usual - exhausted, sore, stained with ink, and needing a break more than anything else. I'm just finished screen printing my second color of three for the current project in Printmaking. It's not very well done, but I'm still learning so I guess I can forgive myself. I might try doing a really small print - small enough that I can print it thrice from one screen without bleed, and doing it really well. It's only one extra step really, shouldn't take longer than a few hours and it might make my marks go up. I think I'll do a fishbowl. Maybe I'll start the drawing tonight.

During the many breaks in Printmaking I'm reading a pulp historical romance about the woman Shakespeare married called Loving Will Shakespeare. It's not the greatest book ever but it's keeping my interest so far. At this point, he's still a kid. I would read homework at times like that, but I need to retain it a little better than this stuff, so I've bought books to keep me otherworldly and cheered up. A good book can make a lot of things better!

English class was cool today. I've decided I appreciate Dickens as a storyteller, but it's rather like a written form of soap opera on some level, with a different kind of intrigue.

Gran made me breakfast this morning, which was awesome. However I haven't eaten since, so I should go do that. 

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I really like Dickens' writing. There is definitely an element of soap opera about it, but I like the way he draws his characters. When I read one of his books, I feel like I'm really entering into that world.

Dickens' characters are worth the waiting through all the descriptions and everything that seems secondary. He takes people to extremes and allows you to see them. I agree about entering into the world. He takes some patience, but it's worth it.