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BodyWorlds Weekend

I feel fine enough I guess
Considering everything's a mess

You can all tell how crazy busy life is right now from the fact that I've barely posted at all this month. I'm not sure if things are about to get better or worse. It could be better on one level, but if it is that will be because of sacrifices I don't want to make. On other levels I really don't know if there's anything I can do.

Um, so, let me just say that the trip to Edmonton was a challenge in a lot of ways. In the end, there were a whole bunch of really fantastic moments. I wish I'd had more time. I got a couple of things I needed at the West Edmonton Mall - coin holders for my photo project which technically I haven't started yet, at least, not taking photos. I got a new case for my iPod which I really like - it's purple and has all the parameters I needed that my clear case could not provide. I also got a few sheets of paper - and other than that, I didn't buy anything except experiences, and some of those I didn't even have to buy.

We went to the waterpark and I tried most of the cool slides, I got to go on lots of the stuff at GalaxyLand, including bumper cars four times in a row. I got to experience the Spaghetti factory, and I got dragged in to Red Lobster, where I had a grilled chicken that was surprisingly amazing. I got to see two coyotes at close range by the road - not close enough to make them roadkill, thankfully. I enjoyed driving my fixed car, which I am still learning how to use because it has pick-up now, the response to the gas pedal is rather different.

Miraculously every time we'd start getting lost in Edmonton, we'd somehow end up on the right street, or if we were going the wrong way we'd figure it out fairly quickly. That made the trip easier. Unfortunately, navigation issues aggravated the issue of our being late for things, which cut out a lot of fun things and caused a lot of tension. The folks we CouchSurfed with were really hospitable and interesting. BodyWorlds was amazing. I'd have said unequivocally that it was worth going until today, but now I feel rotten about everything, so it's hard to make such an assertion. The only really positive thing from a school perspective was listening to the audiobook of David Copperfield in the car and getting half-way through it, which lightens the load for homework for a bit.

All this stuff was great, but there were some bugs in the system for sure.

Today I am tired, disappointed, sore, not feeling well on account of allergies, and staggered by how much work is piling up. The crappy part is that I don't want to get sick, so I actually need to relax, try to eat properly tomorrow since I've often only eaten one meal a day this week (at least three times that meal has been a small tin of flavoured tuna and a fruit cup) and part of my currently failing health is probably due to that.

One thing I can give thanks for is Thanksgiving this weekend. If things go well, which hasn't been happening all that much lately despite all the work I've done, I hope to finish two colors of my print tomorrow and then be done with everything. If that happens, I hope to make Saturday a day for deciding what I'm going to do with my sculpture show. Today's meeting did not go well from my perspective. I'm exasperated by the faculty's negative opinions on my work. I don't want to restart. I don't know what to do anymore. School is kicking my butt this year, even though I barely ever stop working.

I pray that things will go better soon, because I'm teetering on the edge right now.
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