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Loving the dance

Wake me up when September ends...

Wahhhhhh. Tuesdays are so FULL. This morning since my car is in the shop getting the motor fixed/replaced (don't know which yet) I hopped the bus to school and enjoyed listening to all sorts of music on my iPod, which I am beginning to really appreciate - or at least, the search feature is extremely helpful and soon I hope to find images for all my covers so I can appreciate my favourites. =)

After Sculpture, which proved to be only useful for the cutting of the plexiglass and a rather high-stress conversation with my prof about how to critically defend my decisions for the show - I need to pick up some heavy duty, toxic adhesive which after a good deal of internet searching I found out is called "acrylic solvent" and I managed to arrange to pick up a small amount from WD Plastics, a manufacturer in Saskatoon. After Sculpture I had just enough time to eat a buffalo chicken sandwich and watch about ten minutes of a Corner Gas episode I hadn't yet seen. Anyone who follows the series: It was the one that made fun of Legal Will Kit ads.

English class was awesome, and my prof, whom last week I had requested a few critical references on religious ideas in Jane Eyre, gave me an entire page printout with excellent ideas that was obviously made up specifically for me. At the moment he's the candidate the best prof ever award. I'm just saying.

Printmaking is looking like fun. I've decided on making a ballroom dancing print with a nice tango move or some footwork. I'm looking up images for that project between thoughts here.

Tonight at Ballroom (which was great) I may have convinced someone to be my partner for Dance Team. He is competent and dedicated and we dance well together, so I have my fingers crossed that he will decide to stay when he comes to try out tomorrow night. I just realized with some horror that I have about a season and a bit of Dancing with the Stars to catch up with. Eventually. I also really, really, really want to see the new(ish) version of Jane Eyre with the awesomely passionate scenes and excellent casting. Speaking of TV - Pushing Daisies begins tomorrow I think? I may have to go hit up the STM Lounge to watch it tomorrow evening before dance.

After dancing and listening to peppy music all the way home, I had a very comfortable bath and then played guitar for half an hour. I am certainly improving on that score. Now I am doing randomness on the internet for a bit, but I'm going to go to bed soon. My sleep debt is tragic.

Aw man, I just discovered that So You Think You Can Dance has free clips on ABC. So much for bed, lol. The tap dancer! OH MAN. Some of these dancers are totally fantastic. I just sent a quick email to a shoemaker in Edmonton about possibly getting my feet measured for a pair of dance shoes. We'll see how it goes. 2-3 dance days a week is doing a number on my feet.

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