newsong (newsong) wrote,

Two Good Movies

And if there ever comes a time
When you should have to leave
I hope you know that I
I'm taking you with me

I feel the need to chronicle what happened in my life today for myself, but it might be all that interesting to everyone. Garrett called me this morning with a breakfast invitation and then my Mom suggested this would be a good time to meet him, so all three of my parents (I know my use of this word is perhaps erroneous, but it works and is more accurate than individually listing them. So breakfast became brunch and brunch was great. I then headed out to the Printmaking lab, where I finished the other two colors of four that I needed to screen print and finished just barely in time to make it to church a few minutes early. Church was pretty good tonight, but a couple of things bothered me and I came home in a vile mood, ravenously hungry and yet not really wanting to eat. I settled on some veggies and chips and a couple pieces of cold, mediocre pizza. Then Mom suggested we get a couple of movies and we did, Bella, which was a great perfect-circle kind of story about redemption and friendship and familial love, and 88 Minutes which was a really neat mystery thriller. I was really impressed with the fact that I followed the mystery almost well enough in the fine details - I missed connecting a couple things until after the big reveal but I did have a correct hunch on the villain's identity long before the end.

I still have to see Iron Man, Speed RacerStep Up 2, and a handful of other recent films.

I'm a little ticked about the several dozen questions I have asked people via online mediums over the last week that have been ignored. Worst of all, many of those inquiries are to people whose offline contact information is beyond my reach.

Tags: #life, #movies

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