made for greatness, greatness


And I never hoist the mainstay
And I never swab the poop deck
And I never veer to starboard
'Cause I never sail at all
And I never walk the gangplank
And I've never owned a parrot...
And I've never been to Boston in the Fall.

'Tis time for a fine celebratory event - rum, parrots, and the like.

Ya'r all gonna walk the plank iff'n you don't tell me all your'n secret hidin' spots.

Today I worked, an' 't be solid work all th' way through. I improved th' PowerPoint piccies on accoun' o' a bunch o' them be really fuzzy. In th' end tho, I be havin' a mild headache an' 't looks like I be goin' t' end up standin' in line t' ensure a couple o' me heartys get into Ballroom Dancin'.

Steer to starboard and join us if ye dare.

That's all the pirate-y-ness I got time fer t'day.

Break open the cask and hit the tides wi' us? Nuttin' like talkin' piracy - get your bones a'quiver in t' salty wind!

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Take what you can, give nothing back... Drink up me hearties YO HO!