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In Which Life Is Busy But Awesome

Summer has come and passed
The innocent can never last
Wake me up when September ends

Wow, so today was a full day again. I went to worship practice, which went pretty well actually, and then I went for a quick lunch with Ken and we talked about my dreams and plans for C&C at the church. Then I got home just as my family was going out for lunch, and so we called Meredith, a lady who is a skilled seamstress and is going to make me some duplicates of the clothing I own, as well as fix a couple things for me so I can wear some of my older, larger clothes without looking shabby. So we went out for lunch (again for me - I just had a salad and some dessert), and then we went to her place to discuss the alterations and possibility of re-creating some of my favourite things. Like the shirt I've had since before Junior High that I will keep until it shreds, the one with diagonal purples and reds. I have dozens of photographs of myself wearing it traveling and at youth events and stuff. It's simple but awesome, and we're planning to make more in other fabric patterns. I am excited about this.

Today I took my car to see the guy who will probably end up fixing it for me. He used a car-stethescope on my motor and then spouted some vehicular reasoning for what was wrong with it that I've already forgotten - he concurred that the motor needed to be replaced which is apparently a pretty easy job on a Toyota. Which is probably good, because he also said the motors have a tendency to wear out like this. Last Toyota I'll ever own after I heard that, or at least I hope to own something better. I have my eye on the Hyundai Tiburon for some time, and now I just looked it up to find it's really only a $20,000 car. I'm sold. Sexiest car ever. Every time I see one it turns my head.

I must be getting more adult-like, because I have all these random things I'm used to and never want to have change because they work for me. Stuff I've settled into like my leather wallet-purse, my Razr phone that I don't want to ever switch away from and have for the second time now, my bike bag that fits on my handlebars without problems... That sort of stuff. Stuff I'd be really upset about if I ever lost them. Pieces of my life that fit together well.

Things like my bike, and my guitar, both of which I used today. I biked around the park where some of the trees are early to bed, and then my Aunt and I used up some of her awesome neon-coloured T-shirt spraypaint on a few shirts and now I have a galaxy shirt and another with really nifty prints on it from petals and ferns and stuff. Pics to follow if I remember...and then I played guitar until I could barely feel my fingertips - nearly two hours actually.

I needed this break, but now I have to do some solid work on Wuthering Heights. I have 15 chapters to go and when I've been working on it with my Mom, 7 chapters took 5 hours. I'm running out of time, man.

Speaking of time and running out of it, I decided I desperately needed a good To Do list, so I went with the extremely simple TaDa list website. I have 18 categories with a current total of 73 separate items that I want to have done by next Sunday, or at least for some of the things like my room by the middle of next week. And this is actually mild compared to last week, except I never wrote it all down because there's too much of it. I'm going to start solidly using this thing and putting all my jot notes on it.

Life, however, is good. I just wish I had more hours in the day or at least needed less sleep, because I have more energy than I think I have ever had before. And I'm excited about the future. Very, very excited. It's going to be good.

Today I have an icon of me and my dog because he was super affectionate to me today. Might be because I slipped him some turkey breast last night. Or maybe it's love? =D
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