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Half of today consisted of helping one of my high school teachers learn to better utilize his spiffy laptop despite the fact that it's running Vista, and helping him get his resume into digital format. Not a bad way to spend a morning, really. I find that it's interesting to discover why I know things on computers - like the little arrows on menus that tell you there's more options under a heading.

I then went around looking for stuff I needed for school, and I succeeded in my missions for printer ink, a new shoulder-bag, and a 160 GB iPod case that didn't have something over top of the touch sensitive area because that's super annoying. I dropped off a resume at the Silver Street, and had schnitzel for lunch, as well as a fresh nectarine from a parking lot vendor at the mall.

I came home briefly, then went to meet with my Pastor briefly to resolve some of the details of worship this year. I'm excited about some of the improvements we've planned and I think it's going to be a good year, despite some of the problems we have to deal with.

After this I came home, did some organizational work for school, and lazed around.

I heard that Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere is available online, free for a limited time only. I started reading it and it's not too bad so far. We'll see how I feel about it in the end I suppose.

I've been invited to become the "Teen Editor" for a homeschooling magazine who published an article of mine once, and I haven't decided if I want to do it or not. I'm mulling it over.

In other news, it looks like I'm ramping up to the long haul slowly.

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Neverwhere is one of my favoritest books ever. I actually bought an umbrella with a Tube map on it because of that book. *sigh*
Oh, I love Neverwhere! Every time I go to London, scenes from that book replay in my mind. I'm not sure what it says about me that my friends wander London fantasizing about royalty while I wander London dreaming of scary creatures under the Tube tracks.