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Shopping in P.A. and more

I don't believe that anybody
Feels the way I do
About you now

The countdown is down to the wire. Tonight I pack, tomorrow I leave for home, and if all goes well I'll be leaving for home several hours ahead of schedule so I can make a couple of stops. One to see Diefenbaker's house, because every time I see the sign I wish I wasn't working, and a second one in planning stages to see a friend in Waldheim.

Yesterday I had a // post in my head waiting to get out, so today I'll catch you up on how the last two nights have gone. Two nights ago, mainly. My friend Garrett had called a couple of times during the day, first to ask for some help with how to check his voicemail from his cell because he'd forgotten how, and then to say that he'd figured that out but I should call anyway to tell him how awesome he was. I responded for the last one, and somehow we planned on meeting in Prince Albert that evening, even though it added a lot of time to his trip. He was scheduled to come in around 9pm, and so I went in early so I could hopefully go shopping and pick up some school supplies. That didn't happen exactly... Well, I did go shopping, but for some other stuff I needed. I picked up an FM transmitter on 50% off at The Source and I went for the extra couple of dollars that gets me two replacements in three years since the longest lasting one I've had was batteries only right away instead of car plug and then it only lasted for about 14 months, so that's a good warranty to go for on those things. If you remember to redeem it anyway. At Future Shop I considered an Ipod dock speakerset by Klipsch (LJ won't let me link, so here: , a brand I'm not all that familiar with, but the sound was good for a small and portable size and if I end up working this Fall I will certainly acquire it or something similar.

So I was pleased about that. I went shopping in the plus size stores in Prince Albert and basically just looked at sale stuff. Got a couple of unique and gloriously tactile tank tops from Reitmans, and a blue zippered bunny hug from Value Village, which is something I've been trying to add to my wardrobe for at least two years. The zipper is a little crappy, but it was $7, so not such a big deal. Besides, I hate the design on the zipper pull anyway, so I'll just get someone to replace the zipper.

Then the best part was that I went into the mall on my way to Staples, and instead of going there first I decided to check Claires for earrings, and on my way to Claires I noticed that there was a Silver Street Jewellers - more expensive but with real gemstones and great designs - I cheered when I found the one in Saskatoon awhile back. Anyway, when the girl on duty asked if there was anything I wanted to see I asked to see whatever they had in moonstone since it's my favourite. I ended up buying some small lapis and moonstone earrings and a lovely rose-colored pendant for myself as well as a gift for a friend, but it was the conversation with the girl on staff that was the best of it. We really hit it off. She showed me one pendant that was ugly even at first glance, but then she told me it reminded her of a priveleged view of a woman giving birth... I protested for the ruination of my brain. Uggggghhhhh.

Anyway, long story short(er) after finding out that she'd like to see me again since she lives near Paddockwood, I got her Facebook information, and she was telling me about some of the perks of working there, which got me thinking. I am in pretty decent shape for money for the Fall, but the last time I'd been in a Silver Street I was thinking it would be a great place to work. Something ya'll may not know about me is that I'm a sucker for real gemstone jewelry, mainly earrings and pendants. I know gemstones fairly well (I can name all the main ones and judge whether the cut was done well) and I know what I like.

Now that I've heard her talking about the owners, who operate out of the Saskatoon store, I'm very seriously considering it. Enough to apply, certainly, and enough to take the job if it's offered to me on the limited hours I can give them during the school year. Also, the girl told me she might eventually move to Saskatoon, so that's great, too. I'd certainly want to work there over Christmas when they hire extra staff and I'm sure I could get lots of hours in then. The thing is, I really liked working at Sears generally speaking, it was the acres of store I had to run and the required number of days that shot it down for me. It wouldn't be nearly so crazy to work at Silver Street and it would take far less energy, and a big plus is that I'd be able to build my jewelry collection from staff perks and I'd still get to dress up (which is one of the perks I had working for Kelly in secretarial stuff.) I'd much rather spout information about gemstones than sell clothing or do filing, that's for sure. Anyway, so I made a friend and I may have found a job that I'll enjoy. How's that for an evening? And that's just the middle.

I tracked down Garrett on his cell and figured out he was going to be around by 10pm. I called Ricki and told her I was having a good evening. I got myself some tea and then Garrett arrived. We had a great conversation, during which he brought up something that happened at Folkfest, which was one of the greatest moments of our friendship and I don't think I've talked about it. We were sitting at a table at the Chinese pavilion, and he was talking about something and said, "Consider for a moment I'm a man." The girl beside me nearly did a spit take and then started laughing uncontrollably. Garrett, being Garrett, introduced himself. Then he asked what they'd been thinking, and what they would think of a stranger who said that. Their response, "Any stranger, or you specifically?" That sent me into gales of laughter since Garrett's told me he's been mistaken for gay on occassion and I'm pretty sure that's what they were thinking. Oh, it was a hoot. Anyway, I can't remember what brought it up this time, but Garrett started something with, "Consider for a moment" and I lost it laughing immediately. Then I broke down how he operates in conversation - he starts with "Speaking of..." and then finds something funny, random, or vaguely suggestive to place there, whether or not he actually plans to talk about it, and then continues until he finds a punch line. It's awesome. (I need to get him married off to some lucky woman who will appreciate his humor as much as I do.) It was great. Then he told me his dreams of owning and renting houses and I shot them down with reality and logistics - at least for a couple of years so he can prep for them better.

Oh, and a great quote from last night.

I've just never wanted anything before.
Me: Liar.
Garrett: I mean, anything physical.
Me: *laughing so hard* LIAR!
Garrett: I mean like cars and houses and stuff!!! ARGH! NEVER MIND!

And then as we were talking in the parking lot of the Tims, a guy drove through the line twice, and both times he said, "You kids get to bed!" It was awesome. And then I drove back home, and the Bio students were partying and the stars were out, so I went down to the fire. They asked if I'd liked having them here and I said of course I did, there were lots of guys! One of the guys shouted, "EYE CANDY!" and we all laughed. I took out a rowboat to the middle of the lake and stargazed. There was even a really fantastic comet while I was out. If my night had been great before this it was now bliss.

Look at the stars
Look how they shine for you
And everything you do

When I got back one of the boys literally begged me to unearth some food, which I did to great appreciation, and then we all went inside and I talked to an older gentleman student named Walter, and then I two-stepped with one of the boys after seeing him trying to do it by himself. I didn't get to bed until just after 2 a.m., but it was so worth it.

Okay, breakdown - saved $20 on electronics, very likely saved another $75 by getting the warranty. Saved $15 in Reitmans. Saved $35 getting a used bunnyhug. Spent $100 on 3 pieces of nice jewelry (actual value $205) with the added bonus of making a friend and getting psyched about a job opportunity. Had a random person make awesome comments at me and a friend in a parking lot. Didn't hit anything with my car or get mugged, raped or beaten while in P.A. after dark. Score. (I'm really not all that paranoid about P.A., but I hear it is fairly dangerous.) Saw the Milky Way, all possible constellations from this side of the world, and a shooting star. Danced with a cute boy. All in all, it was a sweet deal.

Suffice it to say, last night I went to bed at 7pm and slept through the night. And tonight I should sleep well, too.

Sing to me a song of the stars
Of Your galaxy dancing and laughing and laughing again
When it seems like my dreams are so far
Sing to me of the plans that You have for me over again

Today I got my $86 worth of tips, which is great. It's in cash, so I'm putting 20 of it into my purse for emergency cash and saving the rest. I always keep emergency cash in my purse now because there was a citywide Interac meltdown awhile back for a whole day and I couldn't get any food until I went to Subway and begged them to let me have half a sub on credit since I went there at least twice a week. Never again, because it's a rare day when I don't have cash on hand now.

In other news, you Americans are way too fond of your politics. I'm getting a little sick of hearing about it, but what can you do? At least I know I have politically educated LJ friends. It irks me that the word I'm hearing most is "woman" right about now, and that word should have nothing to do with the political system whatsoever since we're allowed to be equal partners. But the world sucks that way.

I really didn't want to be online much today, but then I came on and I had to write this post and there was so much actual content on LJ that I just had to stay a little longer. It's a little on the chilly side, but a beautiful sunny day with puffy clouds. I will miss this place, but I'm not sure I'll miss the actual job all that much, even if it was a pretty good one. Too many details that seem small but have huge ramifications.

I think I'm going to find school less stressful in comparison. And now I really am looking forward to it.
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