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What Would Elvis Think?

Sometimes I marvel at exactly how amazing my life can be.

George and Molly and I were going in to Prince Albert yesterday evening to see The Dark Knight, and that plan fell through. The movie wasn't going to start until 10 and we had some time to kill, so after parking next to a pretty yellow mustang, George called up a friend and drove over to their house for a 30 minute visit that turned into a three hour visit instead. I had the great privilege of meeting a very intelligent man (and his lovely and gracious wife) who spoke with great gusto about some matters I am very interested in, from system-controlled living to the Illuminati. I have always been appreciative of conspiracy theory and theorists, and have had many phases of interest, most notably for the Philidelphia Experiment.

He asked how I'd come by some of my thoughts and I said most of it is my own thinking, but I wasn't really raised in the system as a kid, so I think on the outside of things.

The kinds of information this man collected together in one place really captured my attention - so many of the things I've researched and so many of the things I've never connected were discussed. Some of the stuff we discussed has my full belief - the Christopher Columbus actually knew there were "red men" where he was going and he wasn't lost at all. I have heard before that there are three major documents, one from circa 300 B.C., that were international agreements between the four people groups.

Did I mention this guy's a professional Elvis impersonator? I can't make this stuff up.

After it started getting really late we said our goodbyes and I traded contact information with these people.

And then as I walked down the road to my cabin, I looked up to see a shooting star pass over the Milky Way.

Stuff like that? Batman can wait.
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