newsong (newsong) wrote,

Full Circle


It’s the circle of life


And it moves us all


On my trip to Israel earlier this summer, a couple of Jewish people talked about how they believe life comes full circle. They expanded quite a bit about what that means to them, how it helps them think about the past, present and future in a bearable way.

I was fascinated by the concept of the circles inherent in living, because it’s something I have also noticed. I think it’s very interesting that very young children and very old people have similar needs, like coming full circle.

I see life this way. I talk on my journal a lot about eras in my life, but it would be better to call them circles – from the moment when I ask the question to the moment when it is answered or a new phase of the question begins. Sometimes those circles are very short, and other times they last a long time, but coming full circle is the best way to describe it.

Circles are implicit in our world. The earth is in orbit. Nature operates in entirely circular patterns. The seasons, the weather, the cycles of flora and fauna. Human lives are no different in terms of the cyclic, and women are perhaps more conscious of this then men are because of their noticeable cycle.

Even on a global time level we see cycles and eras come and go throughout history. Something happens and it ends an old era and starts a new one. I watch these things in life with appreciation of the knowledge of the circular. The truth is that these things too will pass.


Here I am at the halfway point, with the light on my side, and it’s high time for breakfast.

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