newsong (newsong) wrote,

Supposed To Be Sunrise, But

Well it would have been nice if this morning had yielded something really cool for a sunrise, but though it is getting lighter outside and the squirrels are frantically squeaking morning greetings from the trees, I don't really have a post for this slot. The light is weak and milky and doesn't make for good photos. I do have a crappy video of squirrel chatter, though. YouTube is processing it, so next post. 



But I can tell you why one of my posts was three minutes late. I was just far enough ahead that I went to lay down for 20 minutes in one of the cabins with an automatically locking door, I'm trying to avoid eyestrain here. The lock thing was my first mistake. I came out and realized, wait, that door is locked. The office is locked. My keys to the office are in the cabin, and oh. #&$*. This post could also be titled, how my blogathon nearly came to an untimely, panicked end.

Yeah, so I was really glad that someone left some keys in the secret spot. And just to prove how easily distracted I am when I'm this tired, I saw a frog and almost decided to catch it before realizing that I was going to make my post really, really late. But I saw a frog! And he was hopping about in the rain, and from the little I could see, he had neat markings.

This has been the adventures of the sleep-deprived alone on a campus in a forest. Tune in next time to hear more blathering. The End.

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