newsong (newsong) wrote,

Blogathon Coming Up Fast

Tonight I saw Icharus descending... But you'll need to wait for the Blogathon to see it too.

Today there was a trip to Prince Albert which was extremely needle-in-haystacky as usual. Made better by virtue of listening to angry chick music on the way there and back for fun. Seriously, I think I dug out the best of it. Behind These Hazel Eyes, check. Fighter and Survivor, check. Didn't listen to any Evenescence yet. Saving that for midnight of the 'thon when I need it to keep going!

Yesterday I was referred to download a program by my stalker friend jadonster, who has the dubious distinction of having found me on the internet and subsequently become my IRL friend. The program he told me about has made my blogathon planning significantly more organized than the prior methods have. It's called Freemind and it's a mindmapping program, which is cool. Remember those dumb scientific things they made you do in school where you'd write down a topic and connect it with lines to related topics and then connect those topics? This is sort of like that except computerized and actually useful. I have added symmetry to the artisanship of this year's thon. You'll see what I mean later. Tomorrow I have to sort out the raw tangle of my old Gmail draft of ideas a little better.

In other words, Blogathon, Blogathon, Blogathon. It's Saturday! And my lovely monitor is the Day of Blog's co-ordinator, matrushkajen! Round of applause, everyone.

Oh, and welcome to my flist, gumnut and bluesgirly!


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