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Specific Needles in Haystacks

When all you've gotta keep is strong
Move along, move along
Like I know you do
And even when your hope is gone
Move along, move along
Just to make it through

Wow. So I'm really fried right now. Today was a very long day. Got up at 7:45, packed my stuff and got on the road. Drove.
Got to work at 11. Worked hard for a solid hour moving stuff out of the studio. Lunched. Someone put cayenne in the egg salad sandwiches today and it was really good. Saw about an hour of the dancer's final show, and some of the girls were exceptionally talented. Did invoicing. Around 3:30 I was informed that I was driving to P.A. for more supplies. That was a bit of a gong show, being a Friday night, and I had my patience stretched to the limit, but a lot of strangers were really nice to me and so it made it bearable. Also, I discovered a part of P.A. I hadn't known existed, and there are two GIANT plus size clothing stores. Like, bigger than Saskatoon size. And a Booster Juice. I now have new plans for some of my August days off - shopping and a movie in P.A. to break the tedium.

After cleaning out Superstore's stock of plastic cups near the size we needed for the bar and buying huge amounts of lemons and limes, I was finally almost done. Today in P.A. was frustrating because as usual my workmates had me looking for needles in haystacks. Except they wanted a green plastic needle. Well, okay, I was looking for dark green plastic lawn chairs, which are apparently not in vogue or in stores. Any stores. I know. I checked.

Needles in haystacks. That was my day. Tomorrow I don't start work until 10am, but we'll see how late I have to go in spite of my boss's weak promises that I'll be done at 6. Considering I finished after 8 today and didn't have to use any overtime in spite of a one hour break to watch dancers, we'll see about that.

EDIT: I'll be catching up with all y'all's blogs and blogging myself probably on Monday, maybe a little earlier but not likely. I just realized I only have three days of work and then I have two days off again. Cue The Dark Knight? Perhaps. If anyone needs me, I'll still try to check my emailz. Like Strongbad, only much less cool.

Also in this edit: My allergy specialist wants me to go entirely off milk for a week and see if it helps. It probably will. I'm not sure if I'll go off it absolutely if it does help, but I will start to severely minimize my intake. Thus my Iced Cap today and indulging in mayo and lots of cheese on my Subway sub. I'm going to eat milk this week like my life depended on it, because maybe someday my life will depend on NOT eating it. *sigh*
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