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Work is Done

Instead of my conventional "I'm too tired to post" post, I decided to actually write some stuff today in the order I think of it. Which will probably make this post as confusing as I've heard the movie "Memento" is. But I've never seen it.

Hopefully the LJ-cut got your attention. I've been thinking about stand up comedy lately - formulating jokes on the bus and whenever I see things that make me laugh. Like the plaque on the hand dryer in the KFC bathroom: "Rub hands under the nozzle." I was like, "If I said that in a comedy club, everyone would think I was making a dirty joke..."

There's a tatoo parlour near our Bus Depot. It has a sign out front that says, "Blacklight Reactivie Ink." I'm thinking, gee I really want to get a tatoo of something that needs spelling expertise. I mean, wake up in the morning and your tatoo doesn't just say "Diane" it says "Diaene."

Now to the topic at hand. I sorted lots of Lego in the last few days. The bad news first, you say? Well you just heard the first part. Sorting Lego isn't exactly a vacation in Maui. But the real bad news is how much lego has been lost or stolen from us. Like 8 Gears when there's only 4 in a kit. Two kit's worth of gears!! That's crazy! There was enough Lego missing to make a half a robot.

I called my friend Aaron today and we talked for awhile about random things. Yay for my cell phone. We tried to meet at the Mall, but I got there before he did and he waited outside for my bus. My phone was crackling in and out around the time I told him to meet me in the food court. During this time he met up with a family friend who seemed rather lonely and wouldn't leave. Aaron's much too nice to tell her to go away and let us have some time since he had to be home in less than half an hour. In fact, he told her to tag along. Very Aaronlike. I was a tad ticked, but there was nothing urgent I needed to talk about. I guess I was just jealous because it was a girl... Weird, because I don't tend to be much like that. Also the fact that she's a drug user and was explaining the "roach" to us. If you don't know what it means, congrats. I'm a bit protective of my younger friends. I don't like it when people act immature in front of younger, more mature kids.

What, you thought I was going to talk about the name Gertrude? It seems to go with the name Beatrice - a popular name for Cows. Not that it makes them bad names - they just make the cows sound... well... classy. Beatrice is the name of a character in Much Ado About Nothing - an excellent romantic comedy which a group called Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan ("the Saskatchewan" refers to the Saskatchewan river. Perhaps one day I'll post a picture of the striped tents they perform in. I used to go to Drama camps there.) I'm hoping to buy tickets for Sunday night - closing night, because the rest of the week there's

Folkfest. I'm really looking forward to this. I invited Aaron and it looks like he can come. I need to finalize the plans tomorrow morningish. I plan to sleep in a long while tomorrow because I'll be up late at Folkfest. To those of you who took the time to read through the site (or have been to the Folkfests of the past) I am really looking forward to Asia-Pacific, Australian, Chinese, German, Hungarian, Holland, Scottish, Karpaty, and Romanian pavillions. All the others too, of course. But there are the highlights of course. Hungarian and Romanian are new! I'm excited about the cool sounding pavillions this year and glad to be rid of the awful Canadian pavillion with horrible music and stupid venues. It wasn't even properly historical! They could have gotten the records people to put up cool information!! Ah, I'm too intelligent for these party places sometimes.
Aaron's invited to Folkfest and I think he's just intelligent and partylike to enjoy every aspect as much as I do. Like we were talking about today, we're actually scarily when we think about it.

On a different note, long live collections of shows on video and CD. I mean, I've watched so many Voyager and M*A*S*H episodes I think I'm going to get re-addicted!

Why don't they do that for the other shows I like! Who remembers that sitcom about an office on A&E a couple years ago starring the guy from Kids in the Hall? What's the name of it!! I mean, think of it. I'm missing out on reruns of Matlock, Magnum P.I. (who my Mom thought was cute when she was my age), and who could forget M*A*S*H and Quantum Leap? I want my own channel like I have on Yahoo: Launch! for TV, please.

Yeah. I'm not a huge sitcom person for the modern sitcoms, and I hate soaps. But give me M*A*S*H and Voyager and I'll sit looking like a bug-eyed bug for hours. I'll even replay the good episodes. Like the M*A*S*H goat episode. And "Blood Fever", and the episode where Frank says something really stupid... Oh wait...

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