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Music and Lyrics

Never thought that you wanted to bring it down
I won't let it go down till we torch it ourselves
Everyone knows I'm in
Over my head
Over my head

Three fingers on my left hand are extremely sore. Yes, that's right, I spent most of the day either listening to worship tunes or playing guitar, and then I played a little piano too. My music theory is getting better with the slight immersion I'm managing out here, especially from when the songwriters were here. And I can almost passably play a song on my guitar. Three chords, and so I know four now. Slow building of knowledge, though. If I work really hard at it I should develop some good ability. I watched people's hands really carefully when they were here and realized that you need to use your thumb as leverage, which I hadn't been doing and consequentially sucked. Also, my guitar was perpetually out of tune so I finally downloaded an MP3 of the correct notes and now things are going swimmingly.

Randomness: I watched Pride and Prejudice tonight, because I felt like having some happy romance. I really, really, really like the new Coldplay album. Perhaps not as much as X & Y but it's fantastic. I am also very fond of The Fray's How to Save A Life album. Tomorrow I go into Prince Albert, which only kind of feels like work because I get to drive, and it's a major change of scenery. Thursday I head home. Mere days now. I am really looking forward to it.

I am actually considering heading off to Winnipeg for the Coldplay show on the first of August as well as to finally have coffee with my cousin. Or maybe take in the concert with her, I know she's a music person too so she may like them, I don't know. It would probably cost less than $400 in total, concert, flights, gas to Saskatoon, a little spending money... which I think is worth it. Problem, though. I'd have to book the flight tomorrow. We'll see if I get a reply in time and if my boss consents that it's a good time to take a weekend off.

My eyes are kind of burning at the stench of bugspray because I took a panoramic photo of the sunset tonight. Actually I took several, but I just edited this one. Click to see.

Definitely time to sleep, even though I accidentally had an afternoon nap and missed supper. It was okay, because I had a salad with strawberries and lemon salad dressing, a new favourite flavour combination of mine.

Off to go wash the bugspray off of my hands.
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