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Impulse Shopping

Well, I'm at work right now. Today we attempted to work at Goldberg machines. That didn't turn out so well. I'd never seen a group not finish Goldberg Machines. These kids quit so easily sometimes. I'm dissapointed, but I'll live and they'll enjoy themselves making websites.


Space Soundtrack Additive: Train - Drops of Jupiter


I was just at an Eye exam that I forgot was today. I thought it was Thursday, but it was today instead. I'm typing with my eyes closed because they hurt now. A lot. That and the excema on my hands is so bad that Dave (co-worker) commented on them and wanted to know, "What's wrong with your hands??"

Before my eye appointment I had 20 extra minutes. Mom suggested we go to Penningtons, a clothing store. Well, golly gee, they had new stock in for my size (which goes fast) and in 15 minutes I walked out with $200+ dollars worth of merchandise that I love. Black pinstripe jeans, a black jean skirt (WITH POCKETS!!) a pair of sweatpants and matching shirt, and a burgundy striped sweater. Oh, and a blue striped shirt. Stripes!!!

My coworkers have been addicted to TextTwist for a few days now, and had a game going that just ended with not finding "Sedan," the long word. It was quite amusing to see a 70,000+ streak from the Math and BioChem majors, *grin*

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