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Artwork Anyone?

So, moments today when I felt blessed and pleased to be here were many!

I had a great talk with Terry Fenton and his lovely wife about his late friend Clement Greenberg - separating the man from the myth. And trust me, as someone going to art school in Saskatoon, a place with New York Art School connections that were cemented by Greenberg himself because he loved Saskatchewan and Saskatoon in particular (he called us his favourite "little city") it was a really cool thing for a young artist such as myself to hear about. I also got to spend a bit of time with Terry in his studio and watched him work on his pieces. I really like the smell of oil paint. Indeed, I am rather fond of any chemical smell associated with artwork, and I'm looking forward to Printmaking because the smell in that studio is homey, if dangeresque.

Terry and his wife have asked me to issue them an invitation to my show in January, since they'll be around Saskatoon then. That put me on cloud nine, since Terry is an excellent art critic, theorist, and aficianado, so it will be an honor to have him and his wife visit my show.

I started writing my Artist's Statement today. And I have officially decided that I will be naming my show Hidden // Exposed and I may have a computer terminal set up so that people can read my doubleslash posts. I've decided to tackle personal relationships, privacy issues, with a hint of discussion about violence and how bad communication can make it spread or make it worse.

Today I finally got to see the baby robins in the nest by the dining room door, large as life and tufted. I will take some photos of them tomorrow. They're growing like baby birds should, and seem very healthy.

I did my third medium-scale art piece, which is my second abstract out here. I'm hoping to sell these pieces actually, I'll probably only keep one or two of them this summer for myself. Why? Because I need to fix my car, and most of the artwork I do in school doesn't sell, though perhaps some of the stuff I do in printmaking this year will, I don't know. Also because I love them and they're the kind of work that someone else might love, too. One neat thing about these is that any charcoal I'm using is from the beach fire pit - so the essence of this peaceful place is infused into my slightly more chaotic work. One thing I can say about these, though, I am indulging my love of color thoroughly.

If any of you have seen my artwork and think you'd be interested in commissioning something, I'll be accepting any paid commissions or reasonable offers on my Emma Lake work that I can get all summer. Mostly I plan to work in pastel/conte/charcoal on paper, but I may do some ink work and some painting later in the summer.

Today I also finally re-started work on the piece I've been commissioned to do for Paul and Lisa's living room.

All in all, if you forget that I spent most of the day as a classic secretary, all else is lovely. I think I may go make myself some chai.
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