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Media Watch and Artwork

Waaaah it's 11:15 and I should be in bed!! Okay, quick update on media consumption, because honestly other than obsessing about life as I define it back in Saskatoon I have few things to do or say about what I've done.

Except perhaps announcing that I spent some quality time with Cindy Delpart, an excellent abstract landscape artist who liked my color work and my lighting on the large-scale landscape I worked at today on a piece of the paper she was kind enough to lend me - drawn initially with the charcoal from the fire pit and with aspects of it done using borrowed art supplies. It's entirely Emma Lake to me, though I will probably be offering it for sale anyway. Gotta pay for fixing that car, and I have the time, if not quite enough motivation, to do artwork up here. I had a great conversation at lunch about "gallery overload" in which a guy said to his girlfriend by accident, "I think you use your wrists more than your head!" by which he meant neck, because we were talking about joints. It was pretty hilarious. They'd been in Japan for some time before this, and when Cindy asked several minutes later if he was fluent in Japanese he said he obviously wasn't fluent in English either. Good times.

I've seen a number of movies.
Fight Club
verdict = AWESOME.
Little Women verdict = too much like actual life, I don't relate to Jo as much anymore, and man, the story just ticks me off
All The King's Men = pretty sweet Jude Law flick. Only because of Jude Law, though. Plot was wack.
Renaissance = Overratted.

I've read several books, and I've talked about all but The Host which I am not yet finished - I started today.

Tomorrow is work again.
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