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Toon Town

Another thing on my Life To Do list that happened shortly after my post the other day - I saw a hummingbird, a lovely green one, up close. In fact, it flew right over my head on it's way to the feeder and I heard the cool buzzy noise.

I am in Saskatoon. Last night I went to see Prince Caspian with Garrett, Kori, and Isaac, then we all went out for coffee afterwards. It was a great time. We had the late show of the movie basically to ourselves, so we were free to heckle some of the cheesy bits. When I gave Kori and Garrett rides home, Garrett and I got into a long and in-depth life conversation in front of his house that lasted until four in the morning.

Today I slept in a little, Gran brought me oatmeal and a banana, and I did some wash. I went to the chiropractor and paid for a torture session of her putting all my upper ribs back in place on my right side, which has been really sore all day. I went for supper with my family at Ricky's, which was good because I had sweet potato fries. I called around tonight to try and find some people to hang out with, and ended up at Mary's new place, where I saw my friend Jay for a moment and he gave me a hug. Roberta came over a little later, and after that I went to her place and we talked about the life decisions we've been making. 

All in all, so far in Saskatoon has been pretty laid back. Saturday is going to be nuts, I have three coffee/meal appointments and a party so far.

Tomorrow: More wash, music and photo organization, erranding with the money from my cheque...
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