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A Day In The Life

Today I lazed around a little in the morning, using up a few of my overtime hours. Then I had a shower, which I had to wait for because since we had basically no campus residents, I had to run the water for a really, really, really long time. Then I proceeded to have a workday that was only partially office related. I finished the meal placards. I re-organized my desk. I prioritized my to-do list. I made myself an egg sandwich - in the process wacking my head soundly on the door of the sliding-door cooler and breaking an egg into the door groove. Did I mention that this particular cooler has it in for me? It's the same one whose rogue door was partially at fault in the saga of me shattering a dish. I'm keeping an eye on you, Cooler.

Anyway, I did some cleaning, I did some organizing, I did a little bit of everything on the list. Including fend off someone who phoned for a person who wasn't here about once every two hours, militantly. The person had asked that I be, shall we say, vague about their wherabouts. I masterfully combined fact and vagueries today, and it felt just like the old days when I was out with relatives unworthy of my trust.

The fact that you are alone together out here makes you the confidant of the limited number of people that you are alone together with. I already know a lot of things about Paul and Pat, and I grow to appreciate them more the more I know. Of course, it's also true from their angle - when my boss said that here we treat co-workers like family, he wasn't kidding. I am coming to the realization that I am really easygoing and mellow out here with people. Most of the time it takes a lot to make me upset. However I am absolutely certain after seeing my boss's ears go red with anger on one occasion that if anything out here comes to a fight, it will be EPIC. Which is why I will do what I can to ensure that whatever it is that could possibly result in a fight will not originate with me.

But speaking of my co-workers becoming family in a more positive light... I'm not a fan of any kind of chocolate, pudding included, and although only a fraction of the desserts here are chocolate related, I'd been craving pudding, and to see pudding, but not the kind I wanted, was horrible.Today I asked if we had any pudding out here that wasn't chocolate. The cook said sadly, we didn't. Then later on she told me she was planning on making vanilla pudding... And then she did. Just for me. Tonight I had a banana and vanilla pudding just as my boss came back from home. Paul asked how things were going. "Right now, heavenly." I told him the miracle that had just occurred and he said I was being spoiled. But as Pat said, "You can't go to bed with a craving!" Also, I basically survived this weekend without Pat's expertise on multiple BLT sandwiches. I am not too unhappy with that.

The cook brought Creme Brulee dishes! I have requested to help in the kitchen that day because FIRE!!! :D

Tonight I sat on the dock to watch the sunset for most of it, then I helped unload the van, which has a windshield pothole. Paul's lucky to still have his head. And I'm lucky that it didn't ruin the fantastic monitor and new keyboard in the front seat. My old keyboard on my work computer was awful, it was like the keyboard was a fan of Wheel of Fortune, so it didn't need any of the important letters, like, you know, N, B, E, or for that matter, spacebar. Paul scrounged a keyboard up for me, and nearly fit a proper office chair into the van. It's coming up soon though in a cube van.

Tomorrow I get to drive into P.A. and the main thing I plan on buying for myself, if I can, is a can of Pringles chips. There is a sad lack of junk food around here. And a sad lack of ballroom dancing. Man, I miss a lot of things. Thankfully, Wednesday night I'll be back in the city for three days. I will see Narnia. I will see my dog. I will see my family and my friends. And then I will be able to come back to the lake and really appreciate it again.
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