newsong (newsong) wrote,

Opportunity Cost

Let the blessing You've poured out on me
Not be spent on me in vain
Let this life be used for change

At Care Group yesterday I was worried about my job situation. I was tired of living in a basement, tired of how the temporary work at Kelly's is often too easy and boring to keep my interest. I wanted something that would be different, interesting, a nice break, but a challenge too. I wanted something that wouldn't keep me sitting at a desk at every moment of every day. I wanted something as eclectic as I am.

The wise adults of the group told me that sometimes you can't have what you want. I said that jobs I wanted had always fallen at my feet, always been a God thing. But I had to give them some credit for what they were saying. After all, this is real life, and it's true that you don't always get what you want. Unless you are really blessed in certain areas of your life and jobs always fall into your lap when you need them.

This morning when my phone rang at 8:30am I knew why as soon as the five-second waking up fog wore off. My smile grew as I heard the voice of Paul, my new boss (and fellow artist) telling me he was calling to offer me the job with Emma Lake. We arranged to meet in the afternoon to get all the paperwork written out, and thanks to my seeing my chequebook as I looked for something, I also managed to bring a void cheque so direct deposit would be easy as pie. I took my Grandma out for lunch, picked up my digital images

In retrospect perhaps I shouldn't have been so worried. My interview was largely conversational - always a good sign when you and your prospective boss are able to have a good conversation - and I actually enjoyed myself. Today I saw an inch-thick red folder that I suspect contained the other applicants for the position because it was sitting on top of my resume. Humbling, to say the least.

I will be working at the Emma Lake Kenderdine Campus, which is about 2.5 hours away and and 45km north of Prince Albert. Emma Lake's artistic campus is prestigious in so many different ways, and not the least of which to me. I had always dreamed of one day going there and spending some time, but I knew it was a costly retreat. Now I will be paid and I'll have the opportunity to use the studio and space and hobnob with artists.

There are a few minor downsides. Okay, major downsides. For the first time ever most of my friends are staying and working in Saskatoon and it's my turn to leave, and that's not the greatest thing to look forward to. Gas prices are soaring, so it's likely that I won't be coming in more than once a month if that, and I'll be working weekends on a regular basis so I'll really miss a lot of different things. My church, my friends, my dog, my family, my own bed... I've barely slept in my own bed this year. I will miss a lot of things. But this is merely opportunity cost. (Thank you Intro Economics for teaching me that simple concept, since I clearly learned nothing else...)

The benefits are exciting and overwhelming. So much so that after it started to sink in, I spent most of the day giddy with pleasure.

I had promised myself that I will learn to play guitar this summer, but I was thinking that with all my activities in Saskatoon I would have to struggle to find the time for it. It occurred to me today that this is a perfect opportunity to give myself a crash course. Instead of struggling to learn with all kinds of other commitments, I actually can focus and devote myself. The sound of acoustic guitar enchants me more than any other instrument, and I always look at guitar players with longing. I am beyond excited that I will have basically nothing else to do, so even though I won't be able to lead worship for a few months, when I come back I'll be a much better worship leader.

I also plan to do a very thorough Bible study in the wake of Israel, and learn as much as I can. I am told they have excellent bike trails, so once my bike is fixed I'll probably haul that up as well. There's no place to spend my money, really.

And one of my friends has relatives with a Cabin on Emma Lake, and a few others might know somebody, so I may be able to borrow/rent something more private for myself.

Unfortunately with all this excitement, it's 2am and my essay that I wanted to hand in today is still hanging around the three page mark. Well, getting to 3.5 and taking shape. There's hope yet!

I am heading out on Monday. It's possible that I'll be using my own laptop in the office, so on my break I may be able to quickly post whatever journaling I've done about my time there.
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