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Well, I suppose I should update. I've been so busy watching episodes of Star Trek: Voyager. Yes, I am a Trekkie. NOT a Trekker. That just sounds dumb.

*drools on the Paris B'Ellana love story*

Yeah, well. See what I mean about being busy. *rewinds again*

Anyway, my Aunt came over and we talked about lots of stuff - dogs to cooking and beyond. I lit a fire in the little fireplace outside and we watched the sunset. I'm definitely going to have to get out of the house tomorrow. And I'll leave you with the ideal pairings for Voyager:

Janeway and Chakotay
Seven and the Doctor
B'Ellana and Tom, of course.
Harry Kim and his saxophone. He wouldn't survive with a female of any kind other than a soprano or alto sax! ;)

I'm so addicted to this soap opera great Star Trek series!!

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