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Serious Countdowns to Various Ends

I'm not sure if it would be possible for me to care less about the big LJ protest thing. I care about the basic accounts being gone, but it's not going to inconvenience me.

I debated about doing this, but I thought I'd do it just in case. If you're interested in donating Shekels for my trip to Israel or USD for my trip to New York, I would appreciate it it greatly. I will also do my level best to send you a post card and give you first dibs on some of my trip photos.

Does anyone want to towards my trip fund? If not, no big deal. Remember that if you enjoy reading my blog, you will kind of get to live vicariously. I'll be blogging the whole trip, with photos if I can. So helping me do more in Israel and New York City is helping you... live a better vicarious life? Meh, I'm supposed to be going into marketing, so I should at least be able to give a convincing sales pitch for myself =)

This morning I watched a fabulous, but very depressing movie in class, The Lives of Others. It was in German with subtitles (Das Leben der Anderen), and the lead actor reminded me a little of Antonio Banderas. That is not entirely why I liked the movie, the plot was actually pretty fabulous... I was trying to figure out where I knew the other male lead from...  Today I met up with several friends. My yearly Arts buffeteria meeting with Katrina happened today, and I saw Megan and Amber as well at lunch. The afternoon was a jumble of frantic job applications and a half-hearted attempt to work at the second round of my one assignment. Got a mark back for photo, highest yet at 86%.

In Digital Imagery, aside from tweaking and finishing, I only have one image left that I haven't started yet and since starting tomorrow I am housesitting for a friend without internet, I may be done that stuff soon. (I may be able to steal wireless from a neighbor, I don't know yet...) Either way I plan to buckle down and work like a hurricane, finish that disgusting sculpture paper do-over, work at the last paper for Digital Imagery, carve a heart out of clay and smooth it down, cast it in aluminum and buff it for hours, develop film early in the morning and hope it turned out, get some photos of friends.

Ballroom dance was great. I am becoming a more confident dancer, more interested in the details of the dance than just getting the right steps. I am glad to have progressed thus far, and I may have to find out if there's any ballroom nightlife I can take in when we go to New York. There seems to be one thing that might be within traveling distance. There's one more dance left this year, and if it will be anything like the last two I will be very pleased.

This will also serve as the recommendation post. If you've been to Israel or New York, tell me what I should see, look for, go to?

Ten days to my final assignment of the year before the trip, with one essay afterwards.
Twelve days to hopping on a big machine and soaring over oceans.

I really need to update my IBS mood sticker collection. There's some really good new ones. EDIT: Done!
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