I have friends


I don't want my love to go to waste...

Today marked Volume III of the Room Cleaning Extravaganza. I would hazard a guess that I am about 85% done. I am relieved that the end is within sight now. I am looking forward to the comfort of candles and floor space again.

I ended up babysitting for Paul and Lisa the other day, and Cadence was awesome and sweet. It threw me off a little to realize that she was more interested in things than I am, but she obviously likes me in spite of my rather less than motherly self, so I consider that I must have something decent to offer her.

Again tonight there was Care Group. I was having major trouble with my focus for a bit, but I managed to come down to earth for long enough to make some real decisions about a lot of things in my life right now.

Tomorrow I have class. Time is passing so fast right now. Flying, really. I picked up suitcases for the trip. I gawked at them, large as life, in my front porch before I left for my housesitting pad. I keep listening to my phone messages, keeping track.

Reality isn't ruining my life, but it sure is making it progressively crazier.

Here I stand, dripping wet from another tidal wave. I like the rush, but side effects may include sputtering, blurred vision, and a lack of energy to move before the next one comes. *sigh*
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