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If you're lost you can look and you will find me
Time after time
If you fall I will catch you, I'll be waiting
Time after time

A few things about me that many of you may not know.

I truly hate almost everything about the 80s. The hair, the humor, the gauche colors, the synth music, it all disgusts me. It's the only era I really and truly disdain. However, some of the lyrics/melodies, when separated from the music, ain't so bad. Case in point my current favourite song.

My favourite constellation is Orion. I seek it out every single night when the sky is clear, no matter how cold it is. I was a big space geek once. Tonight, Orion was beautifully visible right next to the full lunar eclipse, which I saw in the freezing crisp cold of this evening.

I have added being able to shuffle cards like a dealer to my list of things I want to do in my lifetime, and to 43 Things so I remember it. I've made up my own, fast-paced version of Solitaire with cards. Of course, it wouldn't be very fast if you couldn't add in your head. Also, it has nothing to do with any known kind of solitaire and is more like a dice game really.

The game is all about tens and multiples of ten. Face cards are worth nothing, and are all bad. Aces are just ones. Shuffle the whole deck, or two decks, in this game it wouldn't really matter, except to double the challenge. Flip over a card. If it's a face card, it doesn't matter until you deal more cards, you just set it aside - this is good. If it's a ten, set it aside - you've got one "hand." If it is any other number, draw again. If those numbers add to ten, set them aside. If not, and no face cards come up, keep adding until you get to a multiple of ten. (10, 20, 30, or 40 - even 50 though the latter two would really suck for getting a good score and getting to 60 or 70 would be nearly impossible.) If a face card appears you start fresh. Keep flipping for multiples of ten. I averaged about 4 multiples, often 5. Highest so far was 8 sets of "10" and I got seven once as well.

Game would play like this: 2, 7 (=9) 4 (=13) K (start again.) 8, 6 (=14) 6 (20 - you set this aside as a winning "hand" and continue.) 10 (Yay! Set this aside.) K. Q. (Null, though this is good, they're out of this game and can't interrupt a system.) 5, 2, 4, 7, 10 (Rats!) 3, A, (=32 still going) 6, K (REALLY BAD! All those number cards wasted!) and so on and so forth until the end of the pile.

At the end, count the number of "hands" you got. You'll probably average four. I want to hear if anyone tries this and makes it to ten, because that would be the ultimate game.

One day when I make it to ten, or if I get bored before that, I'll add the aspect of getting to 25 (which happens every few games or so.) to count for something perhaps...

More things you don't know about me, or might not.

I was homeschooled. On Facebook in November, I stumbled upon a group about something all homeschoolers get asked - even when it's totally ludicruous - "How are you doing socially?" or the format used when they've known me forever, "How was your social life?" Let me explain - I was a bit of a prodigy kid, so kids my age were imbeciles and mean, and a whole wack of adults weren't so great either. By the time I hit middle school most adults weren't as well read as I was and by the time I hit Junior High they didn't have as good a vocabulary either. I struggle sometimes about drawing the line between pride and snobbishness and the fact that I am just plain smarter than the average bear, by a long shot. (Poor bear, all dead from that long shot.) If we're talking intelligence in anything, thinking fast and well are the criteria and I've always been good at both of those, despite being quite dyslexic. (Thank God for the backspace key. My typing speed would be a whole lot better without the handicap of consistently having to reorder letters from the errors between my brain and my fingers as well as between my fingers and the keys.) But I am extremely competent at basically anything except equations. I still suck at those. Statistics, however, which most people abhor and totally fail at doing, is so easy for me I seriously pissed all my classmates off in high school.

Oh, and the kids in the homeschooling world weren't the greatest either. I hated the conferences because people thought me and my family were weird for all kinds of reasons (one of which probably being that we are), and I despised the other children for their meanness, their... for lack of a better word, inbred hickness, and worse. (Lots of the kids were from small town SK. Like Hank from Corner Gas, only still children.) Besides, what do you share with other kids when you prefer documentaries and biographies to cartoons or literary fiction? Not. Much. Adults were my game, and only a small subset. When my Mom went to University and I was in Junior High, she read me Chaucer, Austen, Shakespeare, and we discussed it. I adapted well to understanding Elizabethan English, and still make out the meaning of Shakespeare better than most people I know. Aside from Ricki, which is one of the reasons why we're soulmates.

That rant stems from the things I didn't say in the autobiographical article I just wrote for a Homeschooling magazine that I found through the afore-mentioned Facebook group - an article that's going in their April issue and talking about all the really great things about my homeschooling experience, because I'm all for it as long as you have the means and energy to give your kid free reign in trying new things. There's tons of programming out there. I tried everything. And I don't regret a minute of it. My interests are so spread out it's crazy. Any of my good friends can see the article early if you give me an email address, but because I gave permission for it to be published, I won't be publishing it on my blog until later. shelleymay proofed it for me, which was neat because I don't think she knew I'd been homeschooled.

I am totally exhausted from the getting-up-at-obscenely-early-hours-for-work-and-thereby-not-sleeping routine.

Man, if I wasn't so poor... There's so many movies I want to see in theatres right now. I do have one free movie from joining the movie club... I think maybe I'll go see Jumper tomorrow evening, 7:20 show. Anyone want to go?
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