newsong (newsong) wrote,

Cold and Movement

Oh. I went out and took photos of strangers downtown. It was a strange and interesting experience, tempered with extrem(ity) frozenness and and an awful lot of people turning me down. It seems if you give someone a prop it's no longer about them, but if you want their face a lot of them go totally vain. Even the men. Actually, I had MORE men than women turn me down because they said their faces would break my camera or something.

My favourite was the cool guy who actually greeted me and asked what I was doing. He was probably from Africa by his accent, dark and with a very interesting face. A little cautious like most adults were, but very interested. He was the only person who asked my name. His was David (while I remember).

I'm pretty sure that picture is going to be spectucular. It was him as he was. No posing.

Anyway. Did I mention I was freezing? And I still am? And that I moved today... Mostly... And I'm going to get the rattle in my car speakers fixed on Monday... And today we booked flights and our hostel in NYC.

Ricki was evil and reminded me of a good scene from Jane Eyre, the 1996 movie. If you have watched it, you will KNOW which scene I am talking about. Heeeee. Today I watched Persuasion, which was... angsty. And the kiss was torturous. It was like, face to face action for thirty seconds and then a kiss. Yikes.

Anyway. Bedtime. Tomorrow is a day of... stuff.
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