Memory, once persistent, now procrastinates

LJ Mission Impossible: To catalog things that are new, unusual, or noteworthy.

Truth be told, I blog for myself. I, like my best friend, am a little lax in the memory department. My short term memory is fantastic, but my long term memory is splotchy and substandard. This is why I blog incessantly, and one of the reasons I blog at all. I also love writing, I am gifted with words.

Today for instance, I have the following pieces of news. I was voted out of therealljidol, which is sad but not unbearable. I made friends, and judging by the comments, I also influenced people. I am content with this. Secondly, I did something on a whim last night - I made the request for late registration in a Hip Hop aerobics class late on Wednesday evenings. I am most profoundly not sorry I did this. Yet. It's only 5 weeks commitment, it's rather cheap, and I owe it to myself to do something I enjoy, and get in shape... Because I'm waiting for my passport. And not too long after it arrives, mere weeks from now, I'll be trekking about the desert for ten days, and walking around art galleries for half that time. I am feeling too swamped to look up too much about the trip, but I do know that The Persistence of Memory, my favourite Dali painting which even hangs in my room, won't be at the Met when I go. Sad face.

Outstanding Issues: Money. That basically covers it. Oh, and homework. Tons of that. Some of which is fun, at least. I discovered that the hearsay about which of my textbooks is the evil one in Sculpture was misleading for me. I find the "dense" textbook an easy read, and the "easy, conversational" textbook unintelligible.

I may be saving money, but there are some things I don't scrimp on. A friend was telling me her woes about student loans just after we had asked for separate bills, and I snatched hers back. I don't even remember thinking about it. Now to explain about writing for myself - I may have just made the decision to publish this action on a public medium in a public post, but I wrote it down because when I look back at my life, it's one of the things I'd want to remember. There may be many things I dislike about myself, but I have redeeming qualities.

One of which is not necessarily humility. I just basically planned a whole trip around myself. Granted, the end result is not seriously inconveniencing anyone, and in fact helps more than just myself, but even so the fact remains that I planned the whole trip to Breakforth two weeks from now around my own desires. Sheesh. Another thing I need to remember, just in case I manage to change the attitude for the better.

In reality, there are maybe a dozen people who actually read this blog regularly, and quite a few of those people don't blog themselves. The fact that I got voted out of LJ Idol relatively fast could prove several things about me, one of which being that for those who don't know me, or don't make an effort to, a lot of what I say here has little sticking power for anyone else's memory.

The answer to the question, "Whose LJ is it anyway" is a resounding MINE. While it's true that sometimes I write a whole entry for others and make a seperate post with just one sentence, or an outline of an event for myself, that's because my blog also acts as a PSA. People want to know what I'm doing. More recently, this is just as true for my parents, who see me very little in the grand scheme of things.

Randomness of the day: There's a guy behind me in the library with a lisp, and I find it oddly attractive? Go figure. (Could also be that he's explaining math homework. I'm a sucker for geeks.)
Hey, can I be one of the dozen that reads regularly? Because I do. And I have loved your LJ Idol posts. I am just too lame to vote for them :( Sorry. You can beat me with a stick if you want.

Also, because I can't remember if I said this or not, a while ago you wrote a post with Anberlin lyrics and I have to tell you that ANBERLIN IS MY LOVE OH MY GOSH THAT BAND SLAYS ME WITH AWESOMENESS.

and also, thank you for the Christmas card! It is so pretty. I put it in our Christmas box so I can hang it up next year and look at it :)
Hey! It's one very long song with many movements and feelings. Kind of like recitative...
You totally counted in that bunch =)

Awww. I inherited Anberlin music from my friend Ricki (jesusphreaq) and I find them comforting, good driving music. I especially like the lyric, "I'm not questioning God, just the ones he chose to carry out his cause" because that's basically how I feel about 2007...

Yay, glad you liked the card!
I always read and appreciate your LJ. I understand the comments you're making about internet media, and there's no way to truly resolve issues like that.
That's why LJ is better than any other blogging medium. You don't have to censor yourself any more or less than with a selection of Friends Only, Private, or Public. Way nicer than the general choices for blog sites.