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Troy and Ice Cream

I took my family out on an all-expenses-paid trip to see Troy, and eat at Fudds. It was greatly appreciated by all, even me. Troy is still really, really good. I'm tired and need to sleep because I have to be at work earlier tomorrow, there's a kid coming early every day - so I get to leave work at 3 instead of 4 or later, and I'm not working with a camp at all.

Stacy, I'm still planning on seeing Troy again with you if you wish to see it in theatres. *coughnakedbradpittandorlandobloomcough*

In other news, I finally have a tie-around-the-neck blouse - I've had my heart set on having one for quite some time. Hopefully I'll find more than one in time, but I need to lose some weight first.

Yeah. Goodnight, all.

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