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Gingerbread and Shopping

My mind is dull and faded
From these years of buy and sell
My eyes have seen the glory
Of this hollow modern shell

And sex is a grand production
But I'm bored with that as well
Ah, Lord save me from myself

Whoa. I have way to much to talk about.

We'll start with today. My Grandma and I went shopping. Gran and I went to Jerry's for lunch and gelato, and then we headed to Market Mall to shop. I finally found a copy of The Sweet Far Thing, and it was on sale because of Boxing Week, and with my winnings from a couple of lottery tickets (a habit I definitely developed in my Grandma's company, but still a rare treat) bought me a set of snowflake cookie cutters that will probably get their first use while I'm house sitting in the next few months.

Yep, have I mentioned that here yet? It's official, I'll be house sitting for my best friend Lisa's parents for several months - basically during second semester. This is the longest I'll have been away from home, though apparently not very far away... They don't live far from our place.
I have watched dozens of movies lately. These include, The Last Kiss, Click, Marie Antoinette, and License to Wed and for probably the tenth time, Office Space. License to Wed was fantastic, all of us in my family were splitting our sides. Office Space was also great, after doing grunt work in an office for a week. It wasn't bad all in all, but it was... inefficient enough to bother me, I guess. It's a very odd thing to be sitting there thinking a company could easily make changes to render the work they are paying you for irrelevant and save money. I am so not meant for low-level work.

I bought Jon Foreman's Fall EP (lead singer of Switchfoot) and I have been greatly enjoying the tracks on it. It is mood music, dark and thoughtful with that small hope... and the music is absolutely amazing - combining as many things as possible. Somewhat folksy and yet profound... I love it. My parents compared it to Bob Dillon. Highly recommended at any rate.

I am rather absent on LJ lately because of the movie watching, book reading, and game playing with family. I don't ever want to forget this Christmas, it's been amazing. It is basically the least Festivus-like Christmas I have ever had. My family and I played tons of games, and I made my OWN gingerbread for a gingerbread house... I am looking forward to doing a lot more cooking and baking. I feel so pleased about everything. It's been good.

Speaking of the Gingerbread house, this is it. Two more pics if you click it and click to the next two...

I made the gingerbread on Sunday night, and on Christmas Eve evening we decorated it. There is purple and pink icing on it, but it looks brown and orange. I am especially proud of the snowman, which is made from a cookie-cutter from a cookie-making set that Janel (pie_lady) gave me for our two-person Christmas gift exhange. It's been a very snowman Christmas, all in all, with snowman paper plates and matching napkins, as well as a snowman tablecloth. My Grandma made a cross out of leftover gingerbread, and my Mom suggested that she crucify the snowman on it. And so continues this year's snowman discrimination, begun when an LJ friend made a weight loss ticker with a snowman on a beach... Yeah. Snowperson holocaust!

I have finally found the proper word to tag many of my posts with. Discourses. I looked it up and it was the perfect word to describe what I do on a semi-weekly basis. Think stuff out by journaling. Now I have a proper tag word.

And most of the stuff I wanted to say has vanished. *sigh* My Mom said something funny tonight...

Mom: You know what my New Year's resolution is? To treat the very thought of Al Gore with disdain, and to glory in the yellow light of incandescent bulbs.

I've been working for days on a rundown of 2007. It's coming. (I'm at July.)
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