I look good in numbers

I now have marks back in all my classes this term. I did phenomenally well, especially considering I had so many technical difficulties in Photography this term that I expect next semester I'll do even better. I am very much looking forward to another class with Keith Bell... I may do my best to not take classes with anyone else for Art History, actually. He's one of the best teachers I have ever had.
Final Marks -  87% for Photo Art History, 90% for Sculpture. Midterm Marks  - Basically 100% for Digital Imagery, and 83% for Photography. I am satified with this. Mostly. =)
I'm still at work writing this, but they didn't really think of piling up work for me to do, so I expect that by Wednesday I'll be busier here, which is fine with me. It's nice to be able to take a load off the backs of some very overworked ladies. Oh, and they have a nifty label printer here. I made the idiotic request to work from 8-5 so I get an hour lunch - half an hour earlier than I was scheduled for... 8am may be some kind of insanity, but it's only for a week and a little bit and I'm not always going to be able to burn the midnight oil.
I have a metric crapload of news. Firstly, I am now finished the project I was doing for BRIT. Let me see... How many hours did I spend on that? Probably 40 hours or more. I didn't log the time, and it was so insane that I don't even remember the days. The product, however, is fantastic. I worked with Jordie, Eric, and Kelly Bowers on the BRIT 40th anniversary special edition program, with all kinds of facts and photos. I enjoyed the experience, minus the semi-permanent headache and struggling to also finish my work for the website.
On another note, one of the reasons I am feeling comfortable about getting into graphic design, and art/photography on the weekends, is that I'm getting a lot of commissions. One concrete comission this week for a graphic design printed on canvass and then painted, one person (who I don't know) who needs a photographer for engagement photos, and I'm looking forward to talking with them.
I have to set aside some time on an evening this week to make the first full prototype for the Wedding Invitation I offered to do. Part of me is incredibly thankful that I am this busy, and part of me is wishing I had a better excuse for a Christmas Break.

I'm also trying to upload things for my business website, and the remainder of the art for last semester.

Bedtime long ago. Christmas coming soon. Hmmm.

Some guy who I made a logo for ages ago has now responded to one of my emails querying for payment, saying he'll send out a cheque ASAP. I sure hope so, that would be useful money.
Two thumbs up. I'm glad the marks are somewhat reflecting all the hard work you put into those courses. Congrats!