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Face vs. Core

The sacrifice is never knowing why

I've decided.

There will be no explanation of the previous sentence in this post.

The Nativity Story
was a neat, if rather less-than-canon movie. It made me listen to Christmas music, so today on the understanding of it being a second thanksgiving, I gave thanks for the story.

I've been super cold all day. My extremities never seem to warm up unfortunately. Stupid winter.

The photographs I took of dumpsters to waste the rest of my roll of medium format turned out perfectly. This makes me livid of course, I could have taken random photos by the bus stop or something. I'm going to try the project I want in regular film now if I can get the help.

I am crazy poor. I pried two bags of sand - more like blocks of sand - from the ice and snow of the outdoor Dutch Growers area, which reminds me that I want to take my Grandma there for coffee in December.

I had a useful meeting with the folks at St. Paul's United where I signed the contract that takes me through until June. I'm very pleased about this, for money, experience, and working with the great folks there.

I went out for coffee with Ricki tonight. It was cathartic, and argumentative, and involved a heavy amount of metaphor deconstruction as per usual. There was a moment when I sat there listening to her talk where I was just entranced by how beautiful she is in so many ways. I'm so lucky to have a best friend like that. This is worth keeping forever. How amazing. You help, just by being there. Just by saying the right thing at the right time. You change so much by challenging me to be beautiful in every way.

I listened to Linkin Park on the way home. I took the longest possible route home - the river route, with beautiful scenery. On the way, I decided something that has been on my mind for some time. I hope it lasts.

When I got out of my cathartic Linkin Park driving party, I could hear windsong. It was so beautiful, just whistles coming together to create something more.

I am celebrating November 23rd, 2007.

I need to switch topics for my Art History term paper basically now. I'm going to go to school tomorrow and raid the books on whatever topic I can and then write on it. Maybe this will work out for my benefit instead of me slaving over something that won't work.

It'll all be over soon.
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