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Christmas Cards 2007


I stumbled across bjserven  's Christmas Card post today...

Here's the deal, everyone seems to have different rules about giving out their address. I have decided I would like all the addresses to go into my email box for ease of use... Therefore, I'm going to ask that you send me an email with the subject line, "Christmas Cards 2007" so I can group them all together in Gmail by subject.

Facebook folk welcome =)

All I'll ask is that since it will cost me about $1 a person to put stamps on these cards, would you consider donating a dollar or an item to your local Food Bank or similar organization, or if you're a broke student, at least click at The Hunger Site a few days in a row? I've been thinking about food a lot. I think I might use the Food Bank as a motivation for me to spend less money on overeating and instead help others to eat. Just another Human Rights PSA from yours truly... =)

TO RECAP because I know you people tend to skip things:
1) Send an email to with the subject, "Christmas Cards 2007"
2) Donate to a Food Bank or other Human Rights Organization because it's a good thing to do!
3) Recieve a Christmas Card from me!
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