newsong (newsong) wrote,

Sleepy Words

Who is there like you, and who else would give their life for me, even suffering in my place?
And who could repay You? All of creation looks to You, and You provide for all You have made.

So I’m lifting up my hands, lifting up my voice, lifting up Your name
And in Your grace I rest
For Your love has come to me and set me free
And I’m trusting in Your word, trusting in Your cross, trusting in Your blood
And all Your faithfulness,
For Your power at work in me is changing me.

Well this weekend was a fantastic break from life. Unfortunately now I have to get back to the daily grind again. I'm not all that unhappy about that, because I think I'm ready to go again. In fact, I already am to some extent - I'm starting work on the LHC website right away...

I slept in the car on the way home, and when they woke me up and asked "Where do you live?" I couldn't tell them. It's a strange experience, waking up. That moment between the dream and the reality... I answered that I didn't know, which was both honest and hilarious. I eventually figured it out.

Overall, this Quiz meet was a great experience. I made a suggestion that one of the coaches really liked and I may make it a formal proposal - to have 20-minute lunchtime clinics with quizzer alumni on Saturdays at the meets to teach some of the more technical quizzing aspects - things like how to improve your jump, and how to learn lip reading... I think it would be a nice way for quizzers to reconnect...

I'm using my Hobbes in the Rain icon because I feel emotional today - as if my emotional and rational sides are imbalanced. I know why this is, but I am unwilling to tell, unwilling to talk about it. This, for me, is rare. I am going through a time of inner change, and I need to continue working on this.

Random things I just haven't posted. Last week, I chipped my front tooth a tiny bit by biting down hard on a fork. Oops. It's still a little sharp, and I notice it occasionally. Just one of those useless public service announcements.

Also, the following button links to a fantastic website - you can donate rice by guessing the meanings of words tailored to your vocabulary level! I donated 510 grains today.

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