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Man, the compulsion to blog is eating into my ability to buckle down and get some work done on my Diane Arbus presentation. So.

The worship concert on Friday night with Robin Mark and Paul Baloche was really quite excellent. It was doubly excellent because I had forgotten that they'd be doing CD autographs at Parables a few hours before the concert, and when I went to pick up my tickets I had the honor of meeting two of the most well-known worship songwriters in the world. They were good-naturedly joking about which one of them had more fans, and I had a quick discussion with Robin Mark about post-modernism... It always seems to come up with me lately! He agreed with my assertion that the truth of the Bible is not a popular assertion these days, much less the truth of anything. Then after that, an excellent night of worship. Paul was a little off kilter - he was like, "We should finish early, you guys have school and work tomorrow." There was a murmur in the crowd and some helpful audience member shouted out, "It's Saturday tomorrow!" Poor guy was so embarrassed. He had a pretty good recovery though, he was like, "See you later Cincinnati!" and then faked walking off the stage. It was funny.

Last night was the first official Ballroom dance of the season. It was not my favourite dance of all time by a long shot, but it was pretty good. I got to fake dance with some of my girlfriends - i.e., I waltzed with Shelley and Jived with Jessie. It's really weird seeing all my friends from other things and having them at ballroom. I had two excellent Jive partners over the course of the evening, which made me very happy. I danced with a lot of beginners as well, who were very apologetic. Most of them had pretty good leads already, so if they continue into next semester and next year there will be more quality dance partners in the club! Overall, it was ballroom so it was wonderful. Also, I have large blisters. Next time I shall not forget to bring band-aids, because apparently 3 hours is too much for my feet in dress shoes...

Tonight I was at a birthday gathering for Paul and Pastor Joel - an adult birthday gathering, which was really nice. I was definitely the youngest to attend, and I was honored! I finally had a chance to talk to Stuart Kasdorf, who both goes to my church and is famous for his photography, at least around these parts. (I was going to say locally, but I figured a western drawl would be more appropriate for the prairies. By famous, I mean if I mention to anyone going to art school with me that I know Stuart Kasdorf, I get a look of awe and the ultimate and disbelieving, "You know Stuart Kasdorf?") Anyway, we had a really neat discussion. He was talking about how he missed film photography because digital just didn't capture things quite the same way. We also had a talk about being Christians in the art world and how once a secular person had discussed how your art will suffer if your philosophy is badly developed. It was a great conversation, and he said he'd be happy to talk to me again sometime.

All the rest of my time has been spent researching Diane Arbus. My feelings on her have diluted from abhorrence to mixed, now I feel somewhat of a kinship with her despite our relatively distanced choice of subject matter. There were a few quotes from the book that I certainly identified with. I'm thinking that this presentation will be fantastic and deserving of an excellent grade. It's only worth about 5% of my overall mark, but it also helps with the rest of the project of following in her footsteps. I am still thinking of ideas for how to do this well, but I don't think it will be as hard as I first thought of it before delving into a study of her work.
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