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Sing to me the song of the stars
Of your galaxy, dancing and laughing
And laughing again
When it feels like my dreams are so far
Sing to me of the plans that you have for me
Over again

This week has been very productive in an artistic sense and is shortly to be more so.

Ack! I should have been in bed ages ago! But I did tons of homework today, so I'll cut myself some slack.

Today I had my first voice lesson in years. It felt like Janice had stuff stored up she'd been wishing she could tell me all this time... Thankfully, most of the tips and thought processes she was giving me helped quite a bit - using my lips differently, being aware of the sound direction, mentally flipping over a note to find the vibratto. Basically I have trouble with the direction of my sound - I bottle up. Chalk it up to emotional issues, but since I'm doing not so badly in those areas, this might be a really productive, good year for voice. Oh, remember that post I did where I ranted about romantic male geniuses? Debussy, Gounod, and Wolf are the three composers I'm starting with. Hauntingly beautiful melodies and long lines of phrase. I am looking forward to this big time.

Also today I spent lots of time fiddling with Google Maps for my project. Had my first meeting with my photo prof, who was sufficiently impressed with my prints and negatives and only warned me to err on the side of finding a good black, since one of my prints seemed a bit on the grey side. Otherwise my skill and consistency were good. Thumbs up to that.

I am done book three of seven that Ricki lent me. I revel in them.

Ballroom dancing last night was spectacular. I danced tango with the instructor after class and he patiently gave me technique tips on frame and posture for the tango, which is one I struggle with a bit because I find it more difficult to relax and not lead. The tango is about a balance of trust and distrust - the man pursues, the woman retreats, but the game is played. I could go on about this reluctance to relax into the follow role being symptomatic of my personal/romantic life, but anyone who knows me at all might have guessed at that. You can lead me in a dance for fun, for movement, but for passion I am uncomfortable in the passenger seat. Regardless, I have homework in dance class that I unfortunately have no partner to practice with. Rolling my shoulders back and bending my knees a little is something I can do on my own, however.

I think that's basically all the real-life news I have at the moment. Stay tuned this coming weekend for some lovely photographs of the Campus, the River, and Downtown where I prove my assertion that Saskatoon is breathtaking in Fall.

MEME OF AWESOMENESS, stolen from equustel...
Anyone who reads their f-list regularly will recognize the effect their LJ friends' opinions and enthusiasms have had on them, large or small. Whether it's a rave about a movie or show, prodding you to try something you never would otherwise, or a specific insight that you've carried with you for's time to spill!

Comment and I'll tell you what reading your life/fandom in words every day has done to my subconscious. (No matter how trivial!)
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