desert music

Creativity well is dry today

Call my name
Somebody take me away
Rescue me completely
Secrets hide in the sand
Take these bones and put me back together

I was having a pretty good day all in all before I sat down to do graphic art stuff and realized that my creativity is crap today. I can't seem to make things work the way I'd like or even think of ways to change them. It makes me sad because today was supposed to be a fun day of graphic art before three days of work and it's getting me down because I can't force myself to be creative. The only half decent thing I made today gave me an error as I was trying to save it, and disappeared.

On the plus side, I saw both Amy and Ricki today, which was really nice, and my plans for having a very organized locker aren't going too badly either. It's still a beautiful week in Saskatchewan.

I think I'm going to go home, read a book, and try some design work again. You probably won't hear much from me this weekend, since Saturday and Sunday are my last days with Sears, and then I am also doing a one day temp on Monday. After that I get to relax just a little more.

Last night was great, I got to go out for Mary's birthday, which I greatly enjoyed. The project I've been working on is going to go through another bunch of crazy changes. It looks like my tuition won't get paid from Student Loans before the deadline, which means fines, but not too terribly much I guess. I can't really do anything about it now. I'll be doing disability services notetaking for Art History this year, and finally they've found a way to get the note system online, which is a ton easier for me than transferring to a PC, printing and leaving in a cabinet like they used to do since my notes are via Laptop.

That's all I have to say.
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