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Wow. I think I have not yet ever been relieved in so many ways in such a short period of time. It's always very nice to have the weight off one's shoulders. This has been a ton of weight off. Really. It's like losing an elephant. I guess since I mentioned an elephant, I should use my elephantastic icon.

A short list of things I am relieved about...

I believe I have found the best possible solution to my financial and time-limited situation. Serious relief here. I am now officially working for a temp placement agency, and have my first assignment - much easier than an all day marathon - is on Monday - the day after I officially finish at Sears.  In that day I make almost the exact amount of money I required to be able to start voice lessons, if the teacher agrees to my one policy issue - there's no way I can practice for an hour daily - an hour weekly - a dedicated hour, mind you, is all I can spare. My art project that I glued together last night has stayed together, feels strong, and is not terribly ugly. This is awesome and means a little less work for me. In still more good news, Michael Buble is coming to Saskatoon in January. I think I can afford a good seat for myself, or two crappy seats for me and my Grandma, who also likes Jazz... We shall see!

To Do List:

- Scan photographs/sheet of negatives so people can see some art from this year and vote on any they'd like printed if I owe them one from Blogathon. I have three lovely prints already!
- Go to Ballroom tonight.
- Sleep, eventually.
- Buy ticket(s) for MB on Friday.
- Buy a battery operated FM transmitter because the iRiver(s) suck(s). =(
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