newsong (newsong) wrote,

More Firsts

First day of work at Sears today. Orientation, basically. My feet hurt because I made a dumb decision regarding the shoes I wore. I am learning the store layout, the names of the many brands in Ladies' wear, what the storage and loading docks are like... My head is buzzing with numbers and times and dates and rules. I think I'll grow to really enjoy the job. I will be bussing, though... I paid $9 for parking today. How idiotic. Tomorrow I work a five hour day shift, and I'll mostly be hanging clothes in their various departments.

Today I had my first day of Sculpture, at which I was suprised to find that Bruce, my first year prof who I like immensely, is again my prof. And there will be three projects this Fall. I hope I can figure out what I want my first one to be very soon!

Tomorrow is Ballroom Dancing registration. Heeeeee. I have my fingers crossed for getting in immediately. Here's hoping the bus situation in the morning won't be too bad...

RIP Pavarotti.

I'm going to spend the rest of my evening finishing Stardust, even though I'm really tired. It'll get lost in the fray and I'll never finish it.

Looks like Saturday evening there will be a "Bubble Party" to officially celebrate the end of summer... with tons of bubble blowing. Anyone from Saskatoon who is interested is invited, just drop me an email saying you want more info. =)
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