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Random Life Updates

In random life updates, I am FREEZING cold.

I just found out that I can probably sell back one of my texts for a nice fat sum (like $90!) tomorrow, and I just sold another for $7. So Facebook has sort of officially made me money now.

Tomorrow I am coffeeing with two people and looking forward to it.

I'm still not done all the uploads for Faces of Canada. *grumble*

The blow up plastic couch deal has been cinched. And how. I'm getting a couch and a chair and a pillow, all for the price of a couch without shipping over the internets. Yay for Kijiji, and for awesome IVCF plans that work out. Now to the signage.

I got a job for the Fall today, with the right hours and stuff.

I am really enjoying the freedom of driving.

My throat is sore, and earlier today my lip cracked. Owww. *snort* Definitely working at wiping out my family's kleenex stash.

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