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Looking Back

Birds flying high, you know how I feel
Sun in the sky, you know how I feel
Breeze driftin' on by, you know how I feel
It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for me...
And I'm... feeling good

Today I bought the last of my textbooks, which is a signifier of an important event, the end of summer. I also rented the same locker I had last year, and this time I got a really great combination... I got the U-Pass bus sticker, and all sorts of other things while I was at it, so it was a very productive trip. School is hurtling towards me at a blinding speed, and all I want to do is screech to a halt and back up into June, where there was some summer ahead of me... To try and prolong summer, I am listening to the Beach Boys and the Ataris and other bands that make me think of summertime, even if it's super crappy outside today... There would be a host of downsides to going back in time this summer of course. Since I started going to school and the school year became the definition of year to me more than the Roman calendar, I have found that Janus would be a more fitting mascot for September, with looking back and looking ahead. Looking back on my summer, a number of things become clear to me. It was very eventful, and very memorable. It will always be defined by a few things, like a whole list of firsts and a brush with death...

My So-Called Life: The Internet and Media

In May I joined Facebook. I give it an armor-plated thumbs up. Kind of like playing laser tag, it's all fun and games until someone trips over their friend who was hiding on the floor and performs a spectacular (and spectacularly painful) faceplant on the concrete floor... (This is a purely hypothetical situation, there have been no incidents of such drama so far in my limited laser tag experiences. It totally came out of nowhere. But I think it's a good metaphor for Facebook, which is as much fun as laser tag and more dangerous.) But anyway, Facebook has caused a lot of drama and built more solid friendships and relationships with people, it has been a source of debate and a foundation of my social life. This summer I only bought 9 items on eBay, as compared to the nearly 50 items I bought (some of which were funded by my Mom) last summer - jewelry, and expanding my collection of travel games. I am satisfied with my earring collection and my travel game collection, and I haven't started collecting anything else. If I keep posting once/twice a day for the remainder of August, I'll have 250 LJ posts, and that doesn't take into account comments and posts in communities. About 50 of those are from the Blogathon, which I started participating in this year. I re-designed TwylaCentral, and I really like it now. I launched my Business website, Admire Studios, and I got business cards printed.I also redesined the IV website. After two years of watching episodes from the beginning, I am almost all the way to the end of CSI, just two episodes left. I am totally up to date with Scrubs, and by the time it rolls around, I'll hopefully be up to date with Smallville , too, though that will take some work, as I'm in the middle of season 5. And I saw all of Firefly except the movie...


I saw Al Gore in Regina for free. A thousand people threw their double-cupped coffee in the overflowing garbage cans as they left the building, which I think is proof enough of his speaking ability. I took a bus to Calgary to see Janta, and we had a great time at the zoo and in the Art gallery. I did artwork this summer, a feat I didn't really pull off the summer before, and I'm hoping to do some more before I hit fall. I planned several parties involving interesting forms of matter - jello, liquid nitrogen, and hopefully an end of summer bubble blowing party soon. I was in the hospital for a week to have my gallbladder removed and had the worst pain of my life. So a big first was first surgery... Another first, I got my first car, and my drivers license . Later today it will be my first time filling up my car with gas... I said goodbye to a very good friend for a very long time. A few of my acquaintances turned into better friends, and I missed my friends who weren't here. I went to lots of parties and coffees and ice cream days... I saw Folkfest, I went to my first ballet, which wasn't all that good... And I went to the Opera to see The Elixir of Love. I went to Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan's Twelfth Night.

In other news, tomorrow I have an interview in the morning for a job placement agency. Should be interesting, they're putting me through tests and stuff for typing and computer programs and whatnot. Also, I definitely need to take the car in to the shop tomorrow or Friday. Also, someone stole my credit card and used the number for some singles site based in Edmonton. I am peeved, and on the hold line at the company. More on this later if there's news to be had. (I need to call their fraud department tomorrow during business hours apparently to get the charge removed, but my card is cancelled now.)

So in the big events this summer column, I can add "Victim of Credit Card Fraud" now?

In yet more bad news, there is definitely a problem with the brakes on my car - hopefully I only need to get new brake pads. The oil was boiling hot after driving for only like 5 minutes, so I also need to get them to check that out. Basically my take is that Crystal's service people were dirty rotten liars, saying that 3mm of brake pad was okay. It doesn't sound okay to me! In conclusion, my car needs help.

And I can't pay for it right now because my stupid credit card is cancelled. Oy.
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