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Honestly I don't have much to say tonight. My car is plated. There are two 7's in the plate number, which is really pretty much all I wanted anyway. As I told my Mom, "I like sevens. And fours." I drove it quite a bit tonight. Looks like the passenger side seatbest is a bit too short for the large ladies in my family to sit comfy, so we'll need to get that looked at. Right after work Jessie picked me up and we went for an early supper and ice cream at Jerry's, then we went to Home Depot and Dollarama so I could pick up some stuff for a project... At Home Depot, the clerk girl forgot to hand me my bag and I ended up walking out without it and getting sidetracked, so that's something I have to pick up tomorrow at some point.

My Mom got a staff parking spot on Campus, since she was eligible after working there so long, so a spot is mine on campus for this vehicle. The gas is low, so I'll have to fill it soon. If I get my license on Friday, Saturday I'm taking the car on some errands - picking up my ballroom shoes, taking back a library book that's horribly overdue, etc. Just getting out on my own for a bit and driving.

My Aunt called it "my car" at the family supper of celebration. It made me smile. My second supper of the evening, though after many hours and I had a can of peaches for lunch today... I didn't eat much except the soup and salad and I brought the rest home for lunch at work tomorrow.

NOTICE: If anyone ever finds a nutcracker bobblehead, I WANT.

In other news, I'm already really sleepy and I need to read a little more of Eclipse tonight. I just made a car icon, because I feel it will be necessary in future.

I feel I must confess that Rascall Flatts has grown on me in my rather frequent whiny moods lately. Relax, it's just a phase.
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