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Don't know whether or not how sad I just got
Was on my own volition or if I'm just missing the sun
And tomorrow, I know, will be rainy at best,
And the forecast, I know, is that I'll be depressed,
But I'll wait outside hoping that I'll catch sight of the sun

You know, I was depressed enough before the rain hit. And of course, as soon as I got to work it stopped pouring out there and I was still wet even if I managed to avoid getting splashed by some idiot on 8th, but the dullness of the light remains. I am crampy and disgusted and bitter. And planning a worship service for church. Come to think of it, I am rarely in a good mood when I am set to lead worship. This moment, this day... It just sucks. Even if everything is going well on the outside and things are looking up for the future and I'm starting to look forward to Fall. It's not really helping.

The only good thing about today so far has been this headline: Swedish grandmother hospitalized after beaver attack.  Methinks even the beavers are getting sinister. So much for Canada's national image.
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