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Slotted Pigs and Perforated Cows

If you could go anywhere right now
Where would you go
And would you miss me when you get there?
There's no place that I would rather be

Hello from the lovely, sprawling, awesome and 1-million-peopled city of Calgary, AB. And from a Mac laptop! <3

So far Janta and I have met at the bus stop with a hug that lasted an entire minute, had breakfast at Tim Hortons and poured out our souls and secrets, come to a lovely home with a pool, though I'm not swimming in it, gotten horrifically lost trying to find exit 22x to pick up my friend Amy and going over 60k out of Calgary before finally deciding we'd missed the exit for SURE. We have made fun of the Calgary road name generator - for example - Maplecreek Drive, Mapleburn Way, Maple-insert-suffix-here Close/Link/etc. Of course, the three of us started playing with all the other road names... We finally picked Amy up and went to the C-train, where we had a mini-adventure because we didn't have the change to buy tickets, and we drove over to Moxies and the lovely bartender made change for us. Then we got on the C-train and went downtown, and then switched to the C-train bus because of construction, and eventually ended up at the really neat Webster Art Gallery where we stayed for some time and gawked and compared and discussed. Some really quality artists there - when I get home I'm going to take the time to do a whole post on the experience. Then we left and looked for a place that was open to eat in downtown Calgary, which wasn't as easy as you'd think on a Saturday afternoon. We found a neat little coffee and sandwich store, where I had a tuna sandwich with coleslaw and banana blueberry bread which was soft and delectable. We continued on with a little shopping (country furniture I think is the name of it? No caps, it's owned by a designer guy, lol) and another quick gallery experience before heading to the homestead, where we were dismayed to find a number of things - firstly that The Bourne Ultimatum wasn't on IMAX - in fact, nothing except HP was, and none of us cared, and that Amy had to go back home to take care of some stuff instead of hitting dinner and a movie with us. So we went back to the Maplestreets and dropped Amy off, to our great regret. Then Janta and I went to Joey Tomato's in the Chinook Mall and had expensive and awesome foods - in my case a lovely New York Steak, and then we hit the Bourne Ultimatum, which was exactly what I expected for a sequel... Then we came come and crashed into bed... I slept like a total rock for 8 hours. Best sleep ever.

This morning, Richard, who is the lovely homeowner of our nightly abode, made us a lovely breakfast of toast and eggs. The coolness factor of the house went up like tenfold when I saw that his toaster was called a "Lean Mean Toasting Machine" and was from the George Foreman company. Sweet stuff. I want one!

A few very notable things. I saw an ad on the C-train, a series of two actually, that's probably the best print ad I've seen in over a year. The caption? Help Save The Slot-Back Pig - with a picture of a piggy bank in water that looks like it's swimming... And the ad is for a savings and investment company, but it sounds like it's for Ducks Unlimited! Genius!

Speaking of pigs, any of you who live in Saskatoon have seen the pig statues we've had up, most of them a few years back? Well, in Calgary apparently, or at least on Stephen Walkway, they have cows. They had a Bart Simpson cow. (We have a picture!) They had GALAXY COW! (We have two.) They had a perforated silver cow and a guy beside it trying to attach a long piece of metalwork to. (We have video, complete with commentary.) He patted the perforated cow. Also, they had McNally Robinson, where we sat and had some lovely midday drinks while watching the saga of the Bike Man and the Perforated Cow. Very cool. Then we found their author who was signing, a neat guy who wrote a book of defining words only in positive terms called, The Positive Dictionary. He just seemed like he was really a soft and good hearted person.


Me about streets starting with Cran: I mean, come on, they could have at least had Cranraspberry! Best drink ever.

In the Art Gallery, there is a picture of a man holding a chicken.

Amy: It looks like he was out on a quest! And found a chicken!

Regarding a certain artist's lovely paintings, but with a cave-drawing like cup or two scratched into them. (More on this later.)

Me: I wonder if the CN tower is still open...
Amy: You mean, the Calgary Tower.
Me: Whatever! The C tower then. The cool tower!
Amy: Cool as a cucumber
Janta: It's a big cucumber of love!
Twyla: WHAT?!
Janta: It's one of those things you don't think about before you say it?

Janta: It's so warm in the car... Now I can put on my pants.
Me and Amy: *sputter*

Best timing of an afterthought ever.

And that's all for now folks. Off to the Zoo and Heritage Park.
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